Struggling with writer’s block? Don’t get discouraged. To overcome writer’s block is something that every musician has to deal with. The good news is there are many different ways to push through the feeling of being stuck.

Each person will have a few different tricks they find work best. I’ll provide you with the 5 most common methods of blasting through writer’s block so you can turn out that next chart topper!

Writer’s block can be very disheartening and can last for extended periods of time.

Music has not only the ability to evoke past emotions but also to awaken feelings that we have never experienced. But finding your tune is not easy. With a great variety of music genres and categories, it is almost impossible to decide on personal songwriting style. Entertainment industry offers us many events to enjoy the favorite band or singer. How to develop personal songwriting style? How to discover what brings your pleasure and satisfaction? If you are curious about that question, this article will help you answer it.

Songwriters may often ask themselves, “What makes a song great?” The answer to that question can make the difference between a mediocre song and an amazing song. This is not a new topic it has been written about by many experts in the industry. Trying to unravel the right formula is a lot like hitting a moving target. Taste change, technology changes making it difficult to nail down the right formula.

This motivational phrase shows that it is extremely important to find a muse before the beginning of each business, especially a creative one.

Inspiration comes to us unconsciously after experienced emotions or feelings. It is a sense of absolute concentration and commitment which is accompanied by special enthusiasm and emotional rise.

It is harder for adults to find an inspiration than for children. Unfortunately, an experience prevents us from believing in miracles but without it, a muse is transformed into an ordinary accounting.

From a realistic point of view of an inspiration — is a feeling when an experience and the dreams about desirable future are connected.

Here is a series of question you should ask yourself in regards to your songwriting. Answering these questions will provide you with clarity and direction for what you do. By having this clarity you will have further motivation to write songs that express who you are as an artist. As an artist is it your mission to share your ideas and beliefs through song. Having a clear direction of who you are will supercharge your ability to write great songs.

You’ve started to write songs. You really enjoy creating these songs. You’re creating some great sounding songs, but now it’s time to improve your skills as a songwriter.
The essence of music theory will help you learn about scales, chords, rhythms, harmony. Learning these elements in music will make you a better songwriter.
Take a song and deconstruct it. Figure out the songs form. Look for contrasts in the song. Once you deconstruct the song attempt to copy each element and make your own song using what you learned as a template for your own song. As music evolves it take influences from many styles of music. If you only listen to Country then all your songs will sound that way. Learn something every day about songwriting and apply what you learned to your songs. Allow at least 60% of your time engaged in fun activities related to songwriting. This ratio of fun verses work will help drive your desire to continue writing songs.

Develop these attributes of a successful songwriter, and you will find yourself moving quickly toward songwriting success! Thick Skin The music business is a tough business. You cannot be easily hurt or upset if you want to be a successful …

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