Songwriting Videos

songwriting videos learningHere is collection of songwriting videos covering the topic of songwriting. Watch these videos to learn how to write better songs. Improve your songwriting.

Benefits of Video

Improved comprehension

When trying to explain how to do something it’s important that the learner fully understand what is be taught. In the course of teaching many students will indicate they understand the material presented. However, over time, comprehension is lost. As a result of this “memory loss” videos provide improved comprehension. Learning can be done at the learners own pace. Any gaps in the learning process can be looked at a later date.

Increased retention

One issue with any type of learning is the ability to retain the information learned. One of the enemies of retention is information overload. The brain can only absorb so much before it starts dumping excess information. Again, one of the advantages to videos is that they can be stopped at any time to allow the student’s brain to catch up. This self pacing provide better understanding of the content being presented. Furthermore, the information can be repeated as many times as needed.

It’s effective

Video learning is one of the most effective ways to teach. Because it is a multi media format, the learner has the opportunity to use many senses when learning. If instruction are only in one format like the written word, sometimes it can lack clarity. If you add pictures to instructions the ability to learn increases. Next, by showing how to do something is added learning is increased. Finally, being told verbally engages the hearing part of learning. Being able to watch, listen and observer over and over again is beneficial to learning comprehension.

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