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Previously a poll was conducted asking the question “What Do Want To Learn Most About Songwriting?” Here are the results.

Answer Votes Percentage
Lyric Writing 1562 16.80%
Melody Writing 1357 14.59%
Chord Progressions 1012 10.88%
Song Structure 969 10.42%
Singing and Vocal Technique 736 7.92%
Recording 637 6.85%
Music Theory 602 6.47%
Selling Your Music 564 6.07%
Copyrighting Your Music 488 5.25%
Stage Performance 473 5.09%
Music Marketing 454 4.88%
Playing An Instrument 444 4.78%

Using this data we hope to provide quality and focused content that will help you learn how to write songs better.

From this information we found out that our readers are most interested in the following topics…

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