More Secrets to Songwriting Success You Need To Learn Now

More Secrets to Songwriting Success You Need To Learn Now

Develop these attributes of a successful songwriter, and you will find yourself moving quickly toward songwriting success!

Thick Skin

The music business is a tough business. You cannot be easily hurt or upset if you want to be a successful songwriter.  There will always be situations where your work will be under scrutiny or critiqued. You need to develop a way to see past that and let it roll off your back, like “water off a duck’s back.

Duck in Water

Ducks have feathers that are tight and their density act like oil. It keeps the duck dry and warm.  So when water, cold or otherwise, lands on the back of a duck, it simply rolls off. Let critiques roll off your back in a similar manner. If you are going to be successful, you need to take these situations as opportunities to become a better songwriter.


Courage Individuality

Bravery is not courage, but you cannot have courage without being brave.  Courage is the moral fortitude to stand up for your character and to do the right thing, even in the face of adversity.   When you have courage, you follow through on your songwriting vision. It’s on display every day and only the courageous have the capability to get the most out of life.  When you have the power of your passion, find the courage to put it in to action.


Not exactly what you might expect to find in a lesson about songwriting success. But you need to be fanatical of number of things.  You need to be a fanatic when it comes to your love of music, the desire to create and the disciple to write songs. If there’s anything in this world you should be a fanatical, those are some of them.  When I come right down to it, it is doing what you really love all the time. Of course you need to be a fanatic, in the right way.


If you don’t have resolve, you will fall flat on your face and never be someone who succeeds.  A good portion of the road we walk to success is filled with blockades and potholes.  If you come up against one and go down, you must have the ability to stick with it.  If you don’t, you may become angry and bitter about your misfortune and never move past it.  Stand up for yourself and what you run up against and you’ll find your climb to the top is quicker and more enjoyable than you thought it would be.


Take a look at your current situation.  Where do you find yourself in relation to the items discussed here?   What trait do you need the most improvement?


Now that you have taken a moment to examine where your are in regards to your current situation, write a list of tasks you can do today to help you develop the character traits.

Songwriting Success: Final Thoughts

The things covered in this article will help you move forward with you songwriting success. Take each of these concepts and apply them to your creativity and see thing happen.

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