What Do Want to Be? Discovering Your Life Purpose as a Songwriter

What Do Want to Be? Discovering Your Life Purpose as a Songwriter

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“He who every morning plans the transactions of the day and follows out that plan, carries a thread that will guide him through the maze of the most busy life. But where no plan is laid, where the disposal of time is surrendered merely to the chance of incident, chaos will soon reign.”

Your Life Purpose Starting Point

To begin with there are some soul searching questions to need to ask yourself.  Here are some of those questions:

  • Have you ever wondered why you exist?
  • Do you feel like you wander aimlessly though life?
  • Have you reached your goals?
  • Are you where you want to be in your songwriting?

I am sure these are questions each one of us has pondered. I believe that each one of us in the world has a unique and special life purpose. This is especially true of creative people like songwriters. With that in mind I wanted to write about this discovery process. The get started, here are two stories about two individuals.

A Tale of Two Men

The first story is about a man call Maxwell. He decides he wants to go on a trip. But he doesn’t plan his trip. As a matter of fact, he doesn’t care if he heads north, south, east, or west. His attitude is to let the wind take him where ever it may take him. He gets in the car and puts on and actually puts on a blindfold. He presses the accelerator and is off on his trip. Miraculously he misses the telephone pole at the end of the driveway. He immediately turns right. However he ends up on the wrong side of the road. Cars are honking, swerving to get out of his way. Well, doesn’t take too long before Maxwell crashes into the neighbor’s living room and thus ends his trip in disaster.

Now let’s look at the second character in our story about Alvin. He also wants to go on a trip. However, he believes it is best to plan the trip ahead of time. For sake of example let us say. Alvin is going to go to the grocery store. His purpose of course is to buy food to feed his family. Alvin prepares by deciding which store will best suit his needs. He makes sure he has enough resources to get there. Things like enough money to buy food, gas, oil, water, air in the tires. He even checks a street map to find the quickest and easiest way to help him get to his destination. He prepares a list of items he is going to buy. Within an hour he has completed his task successfully.

Different Methods – Different Outcome

Now if you were to examine these two men you would notice quite a difference between them. One was successful the other was not. Each had a different philosophy for their life. The primary difference between these two men is simply a matter of having a well defined purpose.

Through this is a simple illustration we can see how important it is to know where you are going before beginning any journey in life. To know and understand your life purpose is just as vital in building the basic foundation for successful living. Without any purpose there is no direction and the ultimate destiny is frustration.

What is your Life Purpose?

Each one of us on this planet was created to exercise our life purpose. Having your life purpose clearly defined makes it easy to envision your future. Plans are easily made. In addition, it is easy to understand your role and contribution to mankind.

Get Your Life Purpose in Writing

An excellent example of a statement of purpose that we are all familiar with is the Constitution of the United States of America. Within this timeless document lie the values, principles and the philosophy by which Americans live. We determine the laws of the land through this document. It gives each citizen an understanding of what this nation stands for and believes.

Using the Constitution as an example, we can apply it to our own lives by creating our own Personal Constitution. This would be a document to help you define your Life Purpose.

  • It helps set goals
  • It helps make decisions
  • It provides direction
  • And It helps you succeed

What Is Your Life Purpose?

To help you get started in your quest I have compiled a series of questions to help you. Once you have answered these questions, write out a Personal Mission Statement that will reflect your answers.

At this point it is vital for me to say this exercise will require tremendous effort it may take weeks, months or even more to develop. Set aside a special time where you can concentrate and not be disturbed. Once you have begun this project you will soon learn that the benefits you will reap will be more than you could ever imagine. It is also a good idea to look at other Mission Statements for inspiration.

Take the challenge today.

  • Write out some things you want to do with your life
  • List what you would like to be.
  • Write down the talents and strengths that have great value in your life.
  • Complete this sentence: When I examine my life in perspective these are the activities I value most….
  • List all the attitudes that best reflect your life
  • Make a list qualities that are most important to you.

Hopefully, you can see, this will help you in defining who you are and discover your unique purpose in life.  Knowing were you are going is a powerful motivator that will lead you in you songwriting journey.

Your comments are welcome, please post appropriate comments below relating to your challenges and successes in this area.


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