Random Melody Shape Generator

Random Melody Shape Generator

Random Melody Shape Generator Instructions

  1. To generate a melody shape all you need to do is click on the “Generate Melody Shape” button.  Each time you press this button it will create a new shape.
  2. Once you have a melody on the screen, play the notes on the instrument of your choice.
  3. If the note leap seem too large consider transposing the note up or down an octave.  Especially with note C and B.
  4. Feel free to tweak the melody shape to improve the sound of the melody by
    • shifting the shape by moving the last note to the first position.
    • clipping notes by removing any you don’t want.
  1. When you find a melody shape that is appealing to you, you can save it by printing it. To do that all you need to do is press the “Print Melody Shape” button.
  2. From here you can enter the notes into your notation software.
  3. This app does not provide any rhythm motifs. You can create your own rhythm by playing around with the melody shape or you can go to the Random Rhythm Motif Generator for rhythm ideas.
  4. The next step would be to extend and modify the melody by using music composition techniques like: Repetition, Imitation, Inversion, or Retrograde.

About Melody Shapes

When composing music for a song, the melody needs to be strong and memorable.  To do this a melody should have a shape contour..  There are five basic contours.

  1. Flat – This is demonstrated by the melody pitch stay on the same note.  A flat melody can be used to create tension, release and anticipation.  Use sparingly as it can get monotonous and boring.
  2. Ascending – This is demonstrated by the melody pitch note series rises in an upward direction.  An ascending melody can be used to create joy, happiness, as well as building emotions.
  3. Descending – This is demonstrated by the melody pitch note series lower in a downward direction. A descending can be used to create sadness, weakness, or defeat.
  4. Rainbow – This is demonstrated by the melody’s series of notes pitch first ascending upward to a “peak” note then the pitch descend downward.  A rainbow melody is a combination of ascending and descending shapes.  As the arc rises emotion can build to a climax.  Once the climax is reached it the arc then falls providing relief.  Think of it this way: Tension – Climax – Release.
  5. Bucket – This is demonstrated by the melody’s series of notes starting at a “peak” position then the pitch descends downward. Once it hits the bottom, the melody note ascend upward and return at or near the “peak” position.  The bucket shape is a combination of both descending and ascending melody shapes.  With this shape the melody starts at a high point the falls until it hits bottom then climbs it way out.

Every melody will contain any one of the shapes. Many times there will be a combination of shapes in a melody.  One important factor to consider is these shapes bring interest, emotion and variety to a melody.

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