How to Discover Your Personal Songwriting Style

How to Discover Your Personal Songwriting Style

Discovering Personal Songwriting Style
Music has not only the ability to evoke past emotions but also to awaken feelings that we have never experienced. But finding your tune is not easy. With a great variety of music genres and categories, it is almost impossible to decide on personal songwriting style. Entertainment industry offers us many events to enjoy the favorite band or singer. How to develop personal songwriting style? How to discover what brings your pleasure and satisfaction? If you are curious about that question, this article will help you answer it.

How to begin?

To discover the your personal songwriting style, you have to listen to many compositions of different genres, even what seems stupid and strange from the beginning, even if you are frightened by the name Marilyn Manson.

One song cannot give you detailed overview of the genre or style of the band. Frankly, not all Queen songs are good. Moreover, I will open the terrible secret: most of the songs from the albums written in the 70’s are better, more engaging and even more fun than the 80’s pop style. You can not judge a singer for two or three hits. Listening to a variety of songs, you can come across something that will touch the thin strings of your soul.

No prejudice allowed!

The primary thing, which distorts full perception of new material, is our prejudice. One can not help listening to Bee Gees, for example, just because they sang falsetto and danced in tight pants. But get rid of your bias: in addition to “Stayin’ Alive” and “How Deep is Your Love,” the band has a lot of wonderful songs.

And if you listen to something other than these hits, you can discover that guys knew a lot about the brutal arrangement, and they did not always break into the falsetto. They knew what real rock is.

Don’t judge singer by genre or style. You may hate Justin Bieber, but some songs of him can shake the party. Stereotypes are out of fashion now. Thus get rid of any bias and listen to what feels right.

Pay attention to lyrics

Music is not only about dancing and partying. It’s also about dreaming, thinking about life and reevaluating your emotions. Lyrics set to music can become food for thought for you.

When listening to any composition, try to hear the words carefully. One song can tell you important advice; another can help revitalize some memories. Words and lines have the ability to imprint in our minds. Thus, decide whether the nice lyrics are essential for you and delve into relaxation with chill vibes.

Back to classics

Classical Music ViolinClassics needs to be known, heard and reconsidered. If you make your assessment of the classical music history, you will be 80% closer to the development of individual style.

Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner and many more other composers left a great heritage of music. They made history and become immortalized in their masterpieces. You don’t have to listen to all those long compositions to understand what the classics is and how it affects your soul. Discover basics of classics listening to Pachelbel’sCanon in D” or Beethoven’sFür Elise.” I bet those two won’t left you indifferent.

Listen to what you love

record playerOf course, it is impossible to understand all styles and types of music. Frequently happens that a person, who is well versed, for example, in jazz, does not like electronic music, or vice versa. People have different tastes, and it is okay to prefer one style to others.

Don’t fall for trends fast. Browse playlists on Spotify and discover what music brings you real pleasure, what songs turn you on and whose voice is the most harmonic for you. Some say right songs give goosebumps. Discover what genre corresponds your feelings and enjoy.

The Journey Toward Your Personal Songwriting Style

Finally when it comes to discovering your personal songwriting style, the journey requires some self examination. Part of this self examination is taking a look around you. What you need to understand is your style is a reflection of your likes and dislikes. Since It’s a culmination of your preferences and lifestyle choices, having this information is vital.  Furthermore, this can be expanded by exploring areas you may have never looked. Your challenge is to start shaping your own personal songwriting style.

Michael Stoddard is a writer and music lover, who works for University graduate and professional author, Michael loves being in the center of attention. You can meet him at local pub playing bass guitar every Friday night. His passion and enthusiasm impress all his colleagues. Michael loves saying “When words fail, music speaks.” He believes that one song can set the mood for an entire week and keep person inspired to achieve many great results at work.
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