How To Turn On Your Muse To Write A Perfect Song

How To Turn On Your Muse To Write A Perfect Song

Perfect Song - When inspiration does not come to me I go halfway to meet it. - Sigmund Freud

This motivational phrase shows that it is extremely important to find a muse before the beginning of each business, especially a creative one like the perfect song.

Inspiration comes to us unconsciously after experienced emotions or feelings. It is a sense of  absolute concentration and commitment which is accompanied by special enthusiasm and emotional rise.

It is harder for adults to find an inspiration than for children. Unfortunately, an experience prevents us from believing in miracles but without it, a muse is transformed into an ordinary accounting.

From a realistic point of view of an inspiration — is a feeling when an experience and the dreams about desirable future are connected.

To compose a perfect song

it’s more than just being an songwriter. It is to be a person who contains in his creation a soul and a talent. As the main task of a composer is to set up an emotional connection with the audience.

How to get inspiration to write a song:

Start to believe in yourself

Self-confident people are easier come to a condition of a muse. Learn how to do your job well. Train yourself to see your own strengths. Start with the duty which you can make easily and you will succeed.

Inspiration loves active people

Walking every day without thinking about any problems and losing a track of time. Going in for sports -jogging in the morning or swimming. Visit the public events, music festivals or the voluntary actions.

Do not sit in one place while waiting for muse

The recipe of inspiration by famous Russian composer P.I.Tchaikovsky «I sit at the piano and start to play something, at least handle the push buttons. I am doing it as long as possible, till that time when a muse comes to me.»

If you will wait for an inspiration while doing nothing, it won’t come to you.

Find an afflatus in other kinds of art

Read the verse, visit a theater or opera, read quotes from the famous personalities, look at some impressing pictures or simply listen to the inspirational songs for writing your own. Music is a kind of art and musician can find his inspiration in everything which connects with it.

Make pauses in work under the composition

Work for an hour, then make a pause — take a shower or flex your muscles. A short but frequent pauses are more useful then constant work without breaks.


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