Random Rhythm Motif Generator

To assist you in writing songs this online tool can be used to generate an unlimited number of unique rhythm patterns. Go ahead and press the Generate Rhythm Motif buttons to change the pattern.

Some ways you can use these rhythm patterns.

You can play around with these patterns by going to the online drum sequencer and enter the pattern into the app to sample the pattern.

Combine Patterns

Combine both patterns to make a new single pattern.

Augment the Note Values.

Take these pattern and increase the note or rest value. Augment the time value by doubling the value.  Change all eighth notes to quarter notes, Change all Quarter notes to half notes. etc.

Diminish Note Values.

This is similar to augmenting note values except you do the opposite and shorten the time value of each note or rest.  All half notes become quarter notes, All quarter note become eighth note etc.

Add to Melody

Combine the rhythm patterns with results from the Melody Shape Generator

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