Random Song Form Structure Songwriting App

Random Song Form Structure Songwriting App
Use this random song form structure songwriting app to generate song structures. This tool will provide you with ideas for creating good song frameworks. To create a new song form just click on the refresh button.

Song Structure Parts Defined

Here are some basic definition of each song structure part

The verse is the part of the song that builds the story line. Usually the melody is rhythmic and the pitch is lower than the chorus. Each new verse will have different words over the same melody. In some songs there will also be a refrain.
The chorus is the part of the song contains the title, hook. It will also summarize the verse in some fashion. The phasing is more melodic with the general pitch being higher than the verse. Each chorus has the same words sung to the same melody
Bridge, Middle, Break
The bridge or middle eight brings in a different element to the story line. It is similar to the verse yet will contrast concept, ideas, melody and feeling. For some song styles this could include a rap.
The rap is a segment of the song where a vocalist raps the verse
Solo - Instrumental
The solo is where there is an instrumental break in the song. A time of reflection.
Pre-Chorus, Lift
The pre-chorus or lift will normally precede the chorus. It is in between the verse and chorus and will build emotion and feeling leading into the chorus. The melody is a combination of both rhythmic and melodic. The general pitch of the lift will be somewhere between the verse and chorus.
An intro can be an instrumental riff or motif that sets the mood of the song. Vamping of chord progression can be used in the into. Even spoken word can be used here.
The outro is where you leave the song with improvisational vamping of the chorus or even a new musical ideas that concludes the song.

Final Thoughts

With the random song form structure songwriting app you can mix up various song forms. This is especially true if you find that you tend to write song in the same form structure.  You could take some time and take an old song and rewrite it to a different song form.  Experiment with different way to arrange your song.

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