You’ve started to write songs. You really enjoy creating these songs. You’re creating some great sounding songs, but now it’s time to improve your skills as a songwriter.
The essence of music theory will help you learn about scales, chords, rhythms, harmony. Learning these elements in music will make you a better songwriter.
Take a song and deconstruct it. Figure out the songs form. Look for contrasts in the song. Once you deconstruct the song attempt to copy each element and make your own song using what you learned as a template for your own song. As music evolves it take influences from many styles of music. If you only listen to Country then all your songs will sound that way. Learn something every day about songwriting and apply what you learned to your songs. Allow at least 60% of your time engaged in fun activities related to songwriting. This ratio of fun verses work will help drive your desire to continue writing songs.