Social Media Marketing for Musicians: Pros and Cons

Social Media Marketing for Musicians: Pros and Cons
Social Media Marketing for Musicians

Whenever you’re looking for marketing tips, social media is an inevitable part of the conversation. If you’re a musician, in particular, social media marketing is a crucial recommendation. “Get on YouTube,” – they say. It’s how Justin Bieber made it to fame! “Get on Instagram. Buy some followers and you’ll grow big!”

Hold on.

Following generic tips is not always the right thing to do. A great social media marketing campaign requires a lot of effort. A financial investment is necessary in most cases. You’ve seen great marketing across these platforms, but you know what? It’s not just the musician behind it. It’s an entire team of content writers and editors from the best essay writing services, as well as marketing experts who plan the campaign.

If you don’t go full-on with your efforts to promote yourself on social media, your lukewarm activity will backfire on you.

Let’s see: is social media marketing good or bad for musicians? We’ll take a look at both sides of the coin.

The Negative Aspects of SMM for Musicians

Social Media Marketing Is Easy Only When You’re Already Famous

When you look at Ed Sheeran’s Instagram profile, you won’t see anything extraordinary. It doesn’t seem like there’s a professional photographer following him everywhere and a writer from the best assignment help service writing the captions.

Well, that’s just his vibe. He’s all about being himself and people love him for it. Do you know where his 30+ million fans come from? His fame. Let’s be honest: no one learns about Ed Sheeran because of his Instagram activities.

So yes; social media marketing is easy. You see Ed and other stars posting about random moments of their lives. And it works. But if someone anonymous tries to do the same, it won’t work.

It Takes a Financial Investment

Facebook used to be great for free marketing. That’s no longer the case. If you want Facebook users to see your content, you’ll have to invest in paid advertising.

The ads impose other expenses. This type of campaign requires high levels of professionalism. You’ll go through essay writing service reviews to find the best content writers, editors, and graphic designers. 

Social Media Is a Huge Distraction

If you start Instagramming like a pro, your campaign will yield results. You have to be patient to see the return of this investment, though. You’ll keep taking photos and filming videos, sharing daily stories and engaging your followers. While doing that, you’ll be distracted from your music.

You may become an Instagram influencer with a great deal of followers, but is that what you’re aiming for. This audience will hear your music, but will you have time for it in between all those modeling and sharing activities? Think about it.

The Good Things about Social Media Marketing for Musicians

It’s the Best Way to Gain Visibility as an Artist

You’ll play at clubs and you’ll have different gigs. If you’re good, people will notice you for sure. Do you know what they will do once they realize they like your music? They will look you up on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and whatever other platform they prefer. If they find you there, they will share your music and things can take off from there.

With social media, you gain an opportunity to be found and shared.

You Can Connect with Your Fans

Taylor Swift is going through some hardships right now. She’s known to share everything with her audience, so she’s not holding things back this time either. How do you think she shares? Through Tumbrl! Her post went viral and all media are writing about it. Her army of fans took over Instagram showing full support.

When you’re in the music business, you have to be where your fans are. They are on social media, so the conclusion is obvious. 

Sharing Can Make You Better

You better be ready for criticism when you start sharing your music, because you’re going to get some of it. The more popular you get, the more critics will stand out.

For many musicians, this is a detrimental point in their career. Some decide to give up. Others get depressed.

That won’t be you.

If you stay strong and you acknowledge constructive criticism you’ll turn it to your advantage. It can help you make better music.

And you’ll always look at the bring side: you’re getting fans, too! Social media is not all about negativity.

Does a Musician Need Social Media Marketing?

If the campaign is well-planned, it will be good for you. But you have to realize that an investment is necessary. You’ll pay for the “my assignment help Australia” service, social media marketing experts, and paid advertising on few platforms. You won’t see an immediate return of this investment, so you’ll have to stay persistent.

Social media marketing works best when it’s done professionally. If you don’t have the time or resources for such an approach, you might do better without any marketing for now. You’ll come to a point when you’re ready to invest.

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