How Email Marketing Can Improve Your Music Promotion

How Email Marketing Can Improve Your Music Promotion

email marketing music promotion audience fansIf you are a young musician, your biggest issue is probably marketing. You are not sure how to do it – after all, you are a creative person, not a marketer.

But, with a few easy tips, you can learn how to market your music like a professional – especially by learning the power of a great email marketing campaign.

Here are some of the tips that can help you out:

Be clear and concise

Clarity is always important, especially when it’s coming from creatives. People expect you to be eloquent and skilled at explaining things in a simple yet clear way. There shouldn’t be any redundancies and excess information.

Provide your readers with a short yet effective message and let them know what you want them to do. Remember to talk directly to your readers and let them know how your music will affect their life – focus on their needs.

Target your emails

Before you start your email campaign, get to know your audience a bit. Figure out who likes your music or music in your genre. This way, you won’t send an email about your rock music to someone who absolutely hates it.

However, there are gray areas here. For example, your music will not only be of a rock genre but it will also have elements of folk, country or electro. You can use this to promote your music as a rock to people who love rock, but as a folk rock to those who love folk more. Just make sure that you don’t over exaggerate how much your music is focused on something.

Grab their attention with a good subject line

Subject  lines are one of the first things your audience will see – think of them as if they were the first line of your song. It should be clear, precise, attention grabbing – everything that a first line would be. This is a unique way for you to create a hook.

“If your hook is good enough, your email will be opened and read. That’s why you need to give special attention to this bit if you want your music promotion to be successful. Add just enough details for it to be interesting but don’t reveal too much – let them know that the rest is in the email”, explains Ida Rushing, an Email Marketer at Big Assignments.

Provide links to sales page

This can otherwise be known as implement plenty of calls-to-action. An email without a link to a sales page is not going to do much to help you out. This is why you need to put in as many links to that specific page as you can without overdoing it. Providing enough links is a great way to lead your audience to where you want them to be.

Focus on only one thing at a time

If you are sending an email about pre-orders, don’t cram in information about deals, sales or anything else that may take the attention off your main point. This is crucial – if you pile up a lot of information at once, you can easily overwhelm your readers and they’ll end up understanding and remembering none of it.

Create special emails for everything else that you need to say and focus on one point.

Create mistake-free and reader-friendly emails

For best results, try to make your emails accurate and reader friendly. You are promoting your personal creation, after all, and it’s a good idea to make a good first impression. Here are some of the tools that can help you with that:

  • Writing Populist and Via Writing will guide you through your email writing process.
  • Ox Essays is an online editing tool, learn more in Oxessays review. It can help you notice your mistakes and eliminate them entirely.
  • My Writing Way is a proofreading guide which will show you exactly where your mistakes are and how to fix them.
  • Assignment writing service will help you by doing your proofreading for you, online. It can catch even the smallest mistakes that you would otherwise miss.
  • Simple Grad and Academized are email subject line generators that can assist you with coming up with a catchy and attention grabbing subject line.

Send a thank you email

After your users have visited your page or bought your music, send a proper thank you email. This will create a good relationship between you and your customers for later. Once you releases a new album and create an email campaign for it, your readers will remember your good practices.

Wrapping Up

Even though you are a musician and not a marketer, these steps will be effective. They are easy to follow and give great results both short-term and long-term. Know who your target audience is, be kind and polite and keep in mind that a great email can be a good introduction to your book.

If you have other thoughts or ideas relating to this topic please make comments below.

Freddie Tubbs is a digital marketing consultant at Paper Fellows. Freddie is also running educational blogs at Australian help and Academized services.

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