Do You Need an SMM Strategy to Become a Successful Songwriter?

Do You Need an SMM Strategy to Become a Successful Songwriter?

SMM Social Media Marketing SongwritersThere is a lot going on in social networks, and the truth is; no one has a huge presence on these platforms like a celebrity. Be it a fashion icon, a singer, a songwriter or even a movie star, social media has made it possible for both successful and upcoming stars break through the glass ceiling.

Ostensibly, making your presence felt on these platforms is always going to be about marketing one’s self the right way. And that brings me to the gist of this post. Do you need to employ an Social Media Marketing (SSM) strategy to become a successful songwriter? In this post, I will explore this in detail.  let’s get started by setting the record straight on a few things.

You need your followers and not the other way round

A songwriter who seeks to succeed in the midst of watertight competing in the showbiz industry isn’t going to find it easy without factoring in a need for followers. The question is;

Who are they are and why do they matter?

Well, defining a target audience means you must, first of all, figure out a music genre in which to specialize. Usually, different genres appeal to different demographics.

The fact that you will not be creating lyrics for yourself means there must be people who are ready to appreciate your output. In short, your would-be followers do not need you. You need them, and the best way of going about this is by ensuring to capture their attention in every way possible.

Which sites work best for songwriters?

While everyone would want to argue that a budding music writer need to create a Facebook profile as means of reaching out to not only listeners but also people who may be interested in promoting one’s creations to the wider world, there are many other music-friendly sites one must make use of, at least to widen scope of reach.

They include the following:

SoundCloud. With an average of 175 million monthly global users according to the most recent statistics, songwriters have a real chance of carving out a name for one’s self by posting their content on this platform.

The popularity of Twitter has been growing over the years, and to a music writer looking for an instant breakthrough, it is one of the largest social media platforms that if utilized properly, one has a real chance of succeeding in the showbiz.

ReverbNation is another platform for songwriting enthusiasts who want to take their career to the next level by involving the public. It works like SoundCloud, and though not very popular, it lets you upload an unlimited amount of content, connect with industry leaders, find gigs and sell your music by integrating top music stores.

You probably wouldn’t forget YouTube, arguably, the world’s largest video and music upload platform. If you are looking forward to real views running into millions, “YouTube’s promotional toolkit” for musicians is going to work magic, and before you know it, your work is out there driving millions of fans crazy.

SMM Strategy for songwriters

Choosing any of the above social media networks as a songwriter will not only going to depend on popularity but also marketing tools each has to offer. And with Big Data being the core of successful content marketing, you wouldn’t want to end up with a platform that doesn’t present real-time figures regarding views, comments, impressions, and engagement.

Here is a working SMM strategy that will not disappoint:

Find out what other songwriters are doing

The truth is; you are just beginning, but it shouldn’t be a reason to despair. It never hurts to copy what successful songwriters are doing on social media platforms to engage their followers, albeit, in a clever manner. This way, you are able to craft own campaign using a proven strategy that has always worked for established artists. It will help build your fast and effectively.

Use a variety of content

The right content for social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are always going to get people talking. It is a strategy that every songwriter must employ by incorporating video, live performances, event schedules, pictures, and links. Above all, consistency is sharing content across these platforms is going to help you edge out competitors.

Engage your audience and other artists

Artists who are actively engaging their fans on social media platforms shoot through the glass ceiling than those who are dormant. Whether it is by replying to their comments, following active fans and other artists, as well as occasionally offering giveaways, the magic of the social online marketing strategy is engagement.

In a nutshell, songwriters, just like any other artists, needs to embrace social media as a means to reaching out to the world. The SMM strategy explored in this post should thus help anyone looking to put their work out there for the world to see.

Rick Klade is a songwriter and a musician. He has a huge interest in helping upcoming artists ply their trade better using social media. Find some of his best publications on “assignment geek“, a top professional academic writing help website.

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