7 Awesome Ways to Market Your Music Online

7 Awesome Ways to Market Your Music Online

Online music marketingMusic publishing used to be reserved for those who are discovered and supported by a big record label. Nowadays, with internet exposing more people to indie artists, anyone can publish their music online and find a substantial audience.

However, to get to that audience, it will take much more than just producing good music. You may be talented, but your music could be forgotten due to all of the content available. This is why you need to be present online, communicate, and basically, market your product.

There are many great way to do this – what you need to do is pick those that work for you. Producing music and being all alone in the feat of presenting it to an audience is quite hard at times, but here are some ways that you can make it much simpler:

Reach out to music blogs

Music blogs are an excellent thing that gives opportunities to artists all around the world. People love reading them and discovering musicians. This is why you should definitely try to reach out to one of them and ask them to feature you.

You only need to find the ones that feature music similar to yours or in your genre – there is no use of talking to blogs that, for example, feature only rock artists if your genre is pop or electronic. “You could potentially grow a substantial audience for yourself if you contact the right blog. Ask them to share your information as well, so that the people who like you can find you on other places”, – explains Stefani Kaiser, a Digital Marketer at Assignment Help, and Studydemic music writer.

Contact the press

Contacting the press for exposure is a great way to gain more audience on the local or regional level. This way, you can reach people who can come to your public appearances and gatherings.

Important element in this method of marketing is the business email that you’ll send to entice them to work with you. Include all of the important information and some of the things you have already succeeded in doing – your reach on social media, popular events that you’ve been featured in etc. The more interesting information about you or your music you include, the better.

Keep the letter professional but also casual – you don’t want to be perceived as prude or uneducated. If you are not sure how to write this email, there are tools available to help you with that – + State of Writing or Essayroo, for example.

Create a YouTube channel

YouTube channel is probably what most musicians already have. This is a great way to market your music and be able to find a lot of people who love what you are doing.

However, be creative with your videos – don’t just present them with your music. Do covers, impressions or anything else that might get your audience engaged on another level. Have a steady schedule for best results.

Have a website

Another thing that every musician should have is a website. They are quite easy to create on popular platforms and could be free if you are a beginner not looking to invest a lot of money before succeeding.

On your website, display links to your social media profiles, links to the websites where you were featured, some of the places where people could hear your music live etc. You could also integrate a blog in your website and post helpful articles on music or listicles of your favorites.

Create a newsletter

Newsletters are a great way to reach your audience directly. You can send newsletters weekly, monthly or quarterly for best results. Offer your subscribers rewards for being so loyal to you – free tickets for your appearances, useful information, discounts, exclusives etc. This is a great way to promote engagement.

Keep in mind that your newsletters need to be impeccable if you want to create the best effects and for that you could use some of the online services like + Academadvisor or Oxessays, for example.

Use social media

Being present on social media is always important. This is where your audience can reach you on a personal level, see how you make music, what you do and where you play. Share your best moments with them on Instagram, or your insights on Facebook, your opinions on Twitter, etc.

People are no longer interested in just the music but also the person behind it. Your involvement in popular issues could give you great results in terms of your music.

Host your music on iTunes

Many people download music on ITunes and this is why this is a great option for you. You’ll be able to measure your success and communicate with your audience – your music end up on their devices and that is a great sign of approval.

Make sure that you write catchy music descriptions – copywriting tools like Boomessays or Ukwritings could help you with this. Sometimes good descriptions can do a lot for your music and its reach.


Marketing your music online works similarly as the marketing of any other product does. You need to know who your audience is, who will like your music the most and look for places where that kind of audience gathers. It’s always a good idea to have a well thought out plan and create many different plans just as a backup. Be present online, on various platforms where people may find you. Roadblocks that existed before in music publishing are pretty much gone now. The path of publishing your music yourself online is a difficult one, but also the one that brings many rewards and benefits.

If you have other thoughts or ideas relating to this topic please make comments below.

Freddie Tubbs is a digital marketing consultant at Paper Fellows. Freddie is also running educational blogs at Australian help and Academized services.

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