Behind the Scenes: Pros and Cons of Signing a Record Deal

Behind the Scenes: Pros and Cons of Signing a Record Deal

Record Deal - Signing a recording contractAs practice shows, musicians who dream of a record contract with a label are completely unaware of what these ominous 80-100-page agreements with record companies are. A cooperation agreement with a record label is a legal agreement between an artist (or a band) and a corporation (record company).

Music production and its further sale is the basis of show business industry. First of all, any record company calculates how much money it will be possible to earn on this or that musical project. Labels constantly compete for attracting new consumers, who are actually fans of bands and performers. After making a record deal with a certain artist, the company automatically expands its sales market with the help of current and future fans of this artist. For a record company, any artist is just a means of earning money by selling a music product to the fans.

If you have decided to make a record deal, you have to be aware of all pros and cons, concerning label deals. I am going to start with positive sides.


Salary is the first and the most important thing to which you should pay attention when you are going to make a record deal. If you wish to live a wealthy life and experience new things in your life, then you will certainly need money for these purposes. Without a doubt, money gives new possibilities. Nowadays, there are many record companies in our big world, from which you can choose the most suitable just for you. Mostly, labels work with a specific genre (it can be hip-hop- or rock-oriented label). For example, here is a list of record labels, which really can make you wealthy and famous:

SKY BarNew Horizons

Record deals with major labels surely open new horizons. New acquaintances, connections with famous and influential people, and cooperation with other popular artists, or bands, all of this becomes real, after signing a contract with a big record company. Obviously that it is possible to reach goals much quicker and easier with the help of useful contacts and connections because our own experience and competence not always can help with our career growth.


Legal agreements between labels and artists necessarily guarantee certain obligations of both sides. Your manager will have to take care of you if you follow all your agreements written in the contract. However, remember, that you should read your contract very carefully and attentively, before signing it. Especially those paragraphs, which are written in the small print.

As you can see, there are not many pros, but musicians desire them, that is why they sign contracts. And, here are some cons.

Read the small printLimitations

Once you have signed a contract, you become totally dependent on all its terms and conditions. First of all, time becomes your main limitation. You cannot just go away, if you are not satisfied with your working conditions, or want to change your musical style because the label simply will not allow you to do this. In addition, your personal life can also be “limited.” Some contracts include information about personal relationships. They can tell with whom you can or cannot date. Moreover, you even are not allowed to change your physical appearance, if it is mentioned in your contract. This happened to some singers before (as it happened to Rihanna, for example). You will be attached to your label until the contract ends. You literally can lose your freedom, personal life, and free will for a couple of years.

Creativity Loss

Some, but unfortunately, not all record companies are interested in creative artists with unique styles. They want to develop your style, lyrics, etc. By the way, if you need help with writing, EduBirdie provides such services. However, some of them only need a beautiful face for making money. It means you will not use your lyrics in your songs, you will only dress as your manager tells you to dress, and so on. Such things can seem difficult for talented singers full of hopes, dreams, energy, and original ideas. This will not let such artists reveal their original personalities and creative nature.

Production and facilities studio

If you are a songwriter, and you do not know how to add emotional impact to your songs, this article will be interesting and useful for you:

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