How to Be Wildly Successful: 8 Tips for Independent Musicians

How to Be Wildly Successful: 8 Tips for Independent Musicians

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If you think that starting a music career and selling albums is an easy thing to do, you are so wrong!  Actually, it’s more like working on something for a long time, but get some unexpected results every time. What’s so wrong with this music business and why independent musicians are workaholics – we are going to find more and share the useful information with you, young stars!

One time or forever

Unlike in businesses related to selling goods in-demand, music activity requires not only high quality, but also the ability to meet the customer’s preferences and understanding what kind of music the audience wants. As part of the audience, you probably know that some artists appear rapidly, rise up quickly with one or two songs, shine brightly for some time, and lose all attention as quickly as it all has begun! Some independent musicians turn up their activity again and make noticeable success in this business. But for most of such artists there is no second chance. They start working again, hoping to bring the second wave of the popularity, but they don’t get even half of the success of their first boom!

You see, it’s all about finding the right way to the audience’s heart and understanding the trends. It doesn’t always mean that for the second breath an artist needs to make something close to the previous popular creation. Well, being a successful independent artist is the whole science! So let’s find out why some people remain famous for years, and some leave the stage early.

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Best tips for Independent Musicians

There are a few useful and effective pieces of advice for independent musicians who see the music career as an inalienable part of their life.

  1. Music promotion.

    The most important step in achieving success in this industry is the ability to tell people about your music. In this case, online music promotion is the right choice. Today’s world is full of means of promotion. People spread information on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, to mention a few. However, one useful secret is to keep the intrigue. Just give people a little bit, but don’t let them feel the taste of the whole cake.

  2. No promises!

    When you appear on the radio, TV, social networks, or video hostings, you’d better never promise people that they will love your art. Especially avoid saying that your stuff is nice or good. First, it hangs a grey label on you, which will only result in a “low-quality” face. Second, the listeners will decide whether your music is good or bad for them to listen.

  3. By any means necessary.

    If your decision to be famous is rock solid, you have to sue any means you can. If you can spray the info through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr or any other popular platforms, do it! The more you do, the more you get. The greatest effect is seen if you promote yourself on more than 3 servers. Don’t stop, but don’t step across the rules.

  4. Heating up in the public.

    Playing your music in the public is a great way of promotion, but there are some places, where the effect would be more noticeable. The best choices would be clubs, squares, parks, or cafes.

  5. Gather more genres.

    We want to list the examples of some hip-hop artists – 50 Cent loves to listen to jazz, Ice Cube doesn’t regret to enjoy the rock music, and Rick Ross sometimes listens to the electronic genre. Do not let your genre be your limit, and if you rap, it doesn’t mean you can’t listen to something else. Try more genres to generate something new!

  6. No copypaste.

    People love diversity and fresh juice. Same applies to labels. If you think copying someone’s style will make you famous and successful, that’s where you’re wrong. Show the world something it has never seen, and it won’t let you out!

  7. Logotype your name.

    The music comes to our ears, but when nobody knows about you, try visuals. Create an account or redesign an already existing one. Use your creativity for making a unique eye-catching logotype to draw people’s attention.

  8. Learn from own mistakes.

    When something goes wrong, that means you have made a mistake. And when you learn from those, you gain an important experience. Don’t let yourself repeat the same failures! Learn the lessons for once and forever!

In Closing, Advice for Independent Musicians

Now when you know how to promote your music and generate new ideas, you can try something new. Do more than you are expected to and open the new horizons. Let the world know about you and show them what you’ve got!

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