5 Key Characteristics of a Successful Songwriter

5 Key Characteristics of a Successful Songwriter

successful songwriter Sign Road BeachToday we are going to look at behaviors that create your character. Understanding these elements will help you become a successful songwriter. Your character is essential to who you are and how you act. It is a combination of certain attributes. Even though these things are really about the whole person, nurturing them will increase your level success.

There are five principles that are important to your personal and songwriting success. Because of limited space I will cover only five, however, there are many more. I challenge you to seek out those principles that best describe your character ethics.

Now you must understand this method is not a “quick fix” motivation technique. The example given cannot be faked however they can be nurtured through progressive habit development. Remember these characteristics are the key to your songwriting success.

The first principle I will cover is…


Diligence can be described as constant effort. The opposite of diligence is to be lazy. I feel it is important to understand that whatever we hope to do with ease. We must first learn with diligence. Let me give you an example. Constant effort is best shown by a bricklayer. In order to build a wall he must place one brick at a time until the job is done. In your life it is one thing to start it is another to finish what you start. Developing diligence is a primary key to help you reach your goals and dreams in life. My encouragement to you is when things get tough or it seem like you’ve at it forever, just keep going.  Don’t give up.

Next I want to share the principle of…


In simple terms fidelity is a faithful devotion to duty. It is shown by a single minded relationship. Nothing will destroy your success more than you jumping from one thing to another. Fidelity is the key to keeping you on track. We often speak of fidelity in marriage. But, it is equally important in all areas of our lives. It is easy to become distracted by all the things around us. The key here is to stay the course.

The third thing I like to share with you is…


As Ben Franklin said- “Honesty is the best policy“. When a person lies,cheats, deceives or cut corners to reach their goals they latter find that these action only led to major disappointments. Dishonest gain is not easily kept. Your dealings it is vitally important to be completely that way you can have the confidence that your success gained fairly.

The forth area I’d like to share is…


Industry is your consistent labor toward your goal. If you have great talents, industry will improve them. If you have moderate talents, industry will complete there deficiency. A key point to remember is: nothing is denied to well direct labor and nothing can be attained without it. We should take our example from the honey bee.Through their industry they produce honey. In our lives industry should be of utmost importance. Success take a lot of work.

The fifth concept and that is…


Integrity is considering the whole. Is the decision sound and does it fit the big picture? Nothing baffles people more than someone who is full of trick and duplicity. Integrity in all things concerning the way we present ourselves is a true step toward the greatness we were created to be. Be true to who you are don’t try to fake it.


These five principles have values by which YOU can dramatically affect the way you make major decisions in your life. They create a road map to keep you on track. These five principles lay a strong and solid foundation from which you can build your dreams and desires. At this point I’d like to encourage you. If you are weak in one of these areas, I strongly suggest that you start right now and develop those weak areas. You will not only have more songwriting success but you will also feel better about yourself.

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