Music Therapy After a Hard Working Day

Music Therapy After a Hard Working Day

music therapy woman headphones relaxationAfter a tiring day at work, nothing is better than listening to a relaxing and comforting music. Music therapy is a technique widely used for

  • relaxation
  • acts directly on the nervous system
  • produces a sense of tranquility
  • physical and mental fatigue tends to disappear.

This sensation of relaxation occurs through neuronal mechanisms in response to contact with a specific music.

Music Effects on the Brain

Some scientists believe that music and its effects on the brain occur as a fortuitous event, where music acts as a kidnapper of brain activities such as movements, emotions, and language, and influences the brain’s response to various circumstances of life.

Other scientists believe that music is created with the purpose of moving in unison, since it generates empathy and this helps evolution, preservation of the human race and strengthens unity.

Among the elements that cause most pleasures in life is music. The brain when listening to music releases dopamine, just like when you eat, have sex or use drugs.

They are stimuli that are generated in the limbic system through the brain circuit. It generates physiological responses to emotional stimuli. This action occurs specifically in the caudate nucleus and accumbens in coordination with the frontal area.

Music Therapy to Manage Stress

Music is an excellent way to manage stress, relax and get tiredness to disappear. Rhythms, sounds, and specific songs are able to achieve serenity and calm in your mind. There is a variety of melodies created for this purpose, among them the mixture of music and sounds of nature is widely used and yields excellent results. It is a great therapy after a day of hard work.

Music Therapy Relaxation Techniques

Exhaustion is caused by several things, overwork, and stress or because you do not feel satisfied with your work environment; This can also generate stress and exhaustion. To rest after a long day at work, you can practice these relaxation techniques:


It is important that your place of work is pleasant, that it meets your needs and the people with whom the working day passes express a cordial treatment. If you have not achieved a job with these characteristics, you can start by hiring resume services and get a job with which you feel identified.

If you find yourself in the right job, and you get tired home, prepare a nice bath with warm water or at room temperature, accompanied by aromas of lavender, mint, sprinkles, or the one you like best. Take your bath without hurry, and get ready to rest. A hot drink of your choice will help you to have a full rest and a good night’s sleep.

Choose good music

Choose the music, each person has a capacity to capture different. Therefore, some people find relax and rest with one type of music and others do not. It is important that you try the variety and identify the music that causes the desired effect on you. Choose music that frees your mind and helps you focus on the moment.

Breathing Exercises

Practice breathing exercises; try to level the slow rhythm of the relaxing music with the beating of your heart. Inhale and exhale to the rhythm of the music and you will notice that your breathing feels deeper and slower, until you feel your breathing naturally. (Usually, the heart produces 72 beats per minute).

Add Music Variety

You must vary the music; avoid falling into the routine of hearing the same music every day, since you run the risk that it will no longer have the same effect. It is recommended, for the positive effects of music therapy, to constantly vary from music to relax and rest. Include new songs in your list to avoid falling into the routine.

Find Safe Space

Change of environments; try to change spaces, you can calmly listen to your relaxing music in your room, on the terrace, or on the beach, the park, in your living room or where you feel comfortable, you can use headphones and get the same results. After a long day at work, the best gift you can give your body and your mind is a good time to relax.

Find Music that puts you in the right mood

Music is a great option to handle stress and fatigue resulting from exhausting days as a result of work, however, not all music produces the same effects. For a melody to cause relaxing and distracting effects it must be soft, with low volume and in a suitable place to rest. An accelerated music at high volume produces the opposite effect. For each occasion there is a suitable melody, to study, sleep or enjoy. It is necessary to try a variety of melodies to identify with which we feel comfortable according to the moment.

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