This is a question that has been asked by almost every pianist. If you play the piano, you can write a piano composition, too. All you need is some theory, creativity and inspiration. Different songwriters have different strategies of writing. In addition, if you are looking for one universal way how to write a song on the piano, we must disappoint you. But we offer you a piece of practical advice how to do it, and you can pick up what is the most natural for you. Make your dream come true!

Every new songwriter can feel uninspired and lost at the beginning of this journey. The sole idea of having a blank page you need to fill with fine lyrics is overwhelming. Inspiration comes from many places experiment with these tricks to find the source of your creativity. Once you do, you can use that trick to start all your songs.

As a songwriter you probably come up with ideas for songs quite often. These ideas float around in your head until you take the time to start writing. Going from the head to paper can sometimes be a challenge for many songwriters.

Do you love singing in the shower, at work or maybe in the gym? Well, if you do, then you’ll be pleased to know that you’re not alone. We all look forward to that part of our favorite song where we ‘sing our hearts out.’ Here, we’ll show you all you need to do if you want to produce music that has an impact. When you are able to write a chorus your listeners want here, you become more effective. So, if you’re a songwriter, ensure that you capture your listeners with a killer hook of a chorus.

Struggling with writer’s block? Don’t get discouraged. To overcome writer’s block is something that every musician has to deal with. The good news is there are many different ways to push through the feeling of being stuck.

Each person will have a few different tricks they find work best. I’ll provide you with the 5 most common methods of blasting through writer’s block so you can turn out that next chart topper!

Writer’s block can be very disheartening and can last for extended periods of time.

When you love doing something there is motivation to become better at that activity. Songwriting is no exception. Most dedicated songwriters want to become better songwriters. When you approach songwriting with the attitude of getting more knowledge and skills the result will be quality songs.

There are several different elements in songwriting. There is lyric aspect and the musical aspect. The big chicken and egg controversy amongst songwriters is which way to start a song. There are those who start with lyrics and those that begin with music. I guess it depends on the individual on what element to start.

Becoming a great songwriter requires work, effort and the motivation to improve. The more you write song the more skill you will acquire. Approach the activity with the attitude of getting more knowledge and skill and you will be well on you way to write quality songs.

If you have a desire to write great songs it is vital that you improve your ability to write songs. Learning how to write great songs in not really that difficult to do. Learn what other great songwriters are doing and emulate what they do. That way you are not re-inventing the wheel. Listen and learn from successful songwriters and study what works.

Keep in mind that there are no secret formulas for writing a song. It takes knowledge, motivation and skill. On top of that it can be fun! Through songwriting you can express your thoughts and ideas in a creative manner. I encourage you to get a hold of some Songwriting Resources to assist you on your songwriting journey.

There is a universal love for music built into the soul of mankind. From the very day we are born to the day we die, music surrounds our lives. Music is a universal language that affects the way we act or feel. As a music composer, it is important to understand the fundamental elements that make music. To get understanding, there are three key elements that make music what it is. These elements include:

Songwriting – How to Easily Write a Strong Melody

Great melodies are crucial to great songs. This video will show you how you can easily come up with a solid, memorable melody. you’ll learn an easy technique for writing effective, singable melodies your listeners will be singing, even after your song is over.

Some of the things that I found very useful for songwriting is the use of a musical motif. A motif a short musical phase that is used as a foundation for a melody. For a motif to work it must be repeated several time in the song section. In the video Anthony creates a musical phase based on the motif. The phase is then altered and modified to create some variations.

Songwriting is a rewarding activity. There is something special with word meets melody meets a great story. In order to get to a finished song several elements must happen. Think of a stool. If some of the legs are missing, it is unstable or unable to stand up. It is like that with songwriting. Several key elements go into writing a song. Here are some of these elements.

Here are some of the elements that make up a song. Take each one of these and look at your songs. See where you can improve or where you need help. Getting help though collaboration or getting a critique will be valuable as a songwriter.