Songwriting – How to Easily Write a Strong Melody

Songwriting – How to Easily Write a Strong Melody

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Great melodies are crucial to great songs. This video will show you how you can easily come up with a solid, memorable melody. you’ll learn an easy technique for writing effective, singable melodies your listeners will be singing, even after your song is over.

Use A Musical Motif

Some of the things that I found very useful for songwriting is the use of a musical motif.  A motif a short musical phase that is used as a foundation for a melody.  For a motif to work it must be repeated several time in the song section.  In the video Anthony creates a musical phase based on the motif.  The phase is then altered and modified to create some variations.  The first variation is to add additional notes to the original motif.  The second variation is to shorten the phase by removing some of the notes from the motif.

Match the Melody

One of the best ways to start a song is with a melody.  A good lyricist will be able to write words to match the melody.  As a matter of fact it should make it easier because it provides a framework for the words.

First Start With the Melody

Starting with a melody will result in a better music for the song.  The main problem with starting with the words first is the melody often wanders.  It takes away the fine art of composing music that has shape to the melody.

Writing a melody is only one piece of the songwriting pie. There are many other elements a songwriter needs to master.

To help songwriters write better songs Anthony authored a book titled How to Write Songs That Sell. The EBook has a lot of techniques for writing melodies, lyrics, chord progressions and much more that will help you focus your songwriting. So, if you’re interested in applying some new songwriting techniques to your music you can get your copy here:

Writing a great melody is the main element for writing a song your listeners will want to buy, and hear over and over again. If you want some easy ways to improve your melodies to start writing songs your fans will love, then you need to get this eBook. Anthony will teach you some great and simple tricks for writing awesome, marketable melodies. But there is more you can learn from Anthony.

The information in the ebook How to Write Songs That Sell is divided into four major sections.  These sections are foundational for every songwriter to learn.  These four section are…

  1. Melody
  2. Lyrics
  3. Chord Progressions
  4. Getting Song Ideas

Each part is written to help every songwriter write songs that sell.  It reveals two methods for getting started with a songs.  The first technique is the “Find Inspiration Method.”  The second technique is the “Do It Yourself Method.

In addition to the eBook there are several Bonuses that provide supporting information for writing songs.

Write a Strong Melody How to Write Song That Sell by Anthony Ceseri

Anthony Ceseri is a songwriter and performer who has traveled the country in pursuit of the best songwriting advice and information available. From classes and workshops at Berklee College of Music in Boston, to Taxi’s Road Rally in Los Angeles, Anthony has learned from the most well-respected professional songwriters, producers and performers in the industry. As a result of the information he’s compiled, he founded Success For Your Songs, a website dedicated to the growth and development of songwriters of all skill levels.

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