When writing songs the hope is that it will provide an emotional response to the listener.  There are many emotions experienced when listening to music. Here Gerry Clarkson a musician and a blogger explore the The Relationship Between Sad Music and Depression and how it affect our mood.  Here is his contribution.

From the rhythms of our ancient dynasties to present’s limitless streaming services, music has been serving as a crucial part of the human experience.Fascinatingly, for teenagers and those who have just crossed their twenties, music seems to have a major role to play. According to different studies, the adolescents listen to the music for around 2-3 hours each day, particularly when feeling upset.You feel what music you listen!

Children are different. And there is an exuberance of ways of teaching music. Therefore, it would be wrong to assess the educational system on the qualitative scale: “good”, “better”, “the best”. It would be correct to say that some techniques …

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Creative people can have trouble trying to stay organized. Here is a suggestion to help you compile your ideas. These are just some suggestions, you will need to come up with ones that best suit your situation. Getting started is the most important step. After that you want to make sure that you maintain focus on where you want to go. Hopefully these ideas will stimulate you in moving your songwriting career forward.

Songwriting is a rewarding activity. There is something special with word meets melody meets a great story. In order to get to a finished song several elements must happen. Think of a stool. If some of the legs are missing, it is unstable or unable to stand up. It is like that with songwriting. Several key elements go into writing a song. Here are some of these elements.

Here are some of the elements that make up a song. Take each one of these and look at your songs. See where you can improve or where you need help. Getting help though collaboration or getting a critique will be valuable as a songwriter.