Building song credibility is something that songwriters try hard to do. It’s all about building a name, getting recognized for your craft, and letting people know that you’re serious in what you’re doing. Enhancing your credibility starts with believing you can do it. If you believe in your songwriting talent, success will surely follow you wherever you go.

Music is a language in and of itself. Whatever language a song’s lyrics are written in, the feeling it generates depends more on the tone, rhythm, chorus, singer’s voice, and mood of the listener. This is why some of the contemporary songs use words in their lyrics that do not even exist in a dictionary or have a real meaning, but easily get associated with a meaning based on their usage in the song. When we hear people humming a song, at times they are not even aware of what the song is conveying, but they sing along as they like the way it sounds

Learning how to play the guitar without a teacher can be difficult and stressful. However, learning with a horrible guitar teacher may stunt your learning process. Use these ideas and tips to find a guitar teacher who is ever ready to be your encourager and mentor all in one,

When it comes to a guitar teacher, choose someone who you can be comfortable with, who is ready to teach, who has some experience and definitely, one you can afford. If you have these things above all, choosing a teacher wouldn’t be an impossible feat.

After the success of his 2010 debut, Thank Me Later, Drake is back with a confident sophomore, the Canadian singer/rapper stepping up his potent blend of atmospheric production, and mournful lyricism.

Take Care is an unbelievably plush album. Not only are the soundscapes on the album orchestral, ethereal, but the tone of the album is equally emotionally indulgent,

Songwriting is more than hard – it is complex, challenging, and requires a great deal of inspiration. There’s a good reason why so few people are known for their songwriting skills. You don’t start songwriting without having a really good plan, without possessing the right skills, and without the proper confidence in yourself and your resources.

An Artist’s Guide to Completing a Creative Piece
Completing your creative artistic project can feel daunting. The artistic creative process requires you to put your heart and soul into something, By following the three easy steps in this article, you will have the chance to explore new projects, and keep creating new things

Technology has always been influencing the way we live and do business, but its impact has become even greater in the 21st century. Today, new systems such as machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are reshaping entire industries and music is by no means an exception here.

AI represents a revolutionary technology that strongly impacts almost every field of life and work in the 21st century. The same goes for the music industry, which is why we wrote an article about its impact on modern composers, fans, and labels.

Songwriting is a great experience that enables you to express your thoughts and emotions without limitations. Understanding the basics of songwriting is totally different from knowing what and how to write a great song. It’s just like driving a car. You can easily understand the basics of being a good driver in class but that doesn’t mean it will be easy for you to drive a car. That is why it is important to take time to refresh your songwriting strategy.

To become a successful songwriter, you need to keep changing and adjusting. You need to refresh you songwriting strategy. The world is progressing at a rapid rate and so should you. Learning from your mistakes and picking yourself up every time you fall are keys to success today. If you analyze your daily activities, you’ll discover that you’ve fallen into one the seven traps discussed above. All you need to do is refresh and adjust. Happy songwriting!

A songwriter is an expert whose main work is to write lyrics and melodies in songs. The songwriter profession, similar to other professions requires one to be creative, passionate and have a love for writing. A songwriter is also required to understand how to work with the latest music technology including computer sound editing, sequencers, and more.

A songwriter will create songs for other artist or bands for them to perform but the credits will remain his/hers.

Songwriters also partner with artist and other songwriters when it comes to creating materials for their shows.

To be a professional songwriter, you must be able to create lyrics and write melodies. There is huge a difference between a lyricist and a songwriter in that the former knows how to write lyrics but does not know how to write melodies. That means an artist will have to come up with their melody.

Not all singers write their own songs. The songwriting process varies. Some songs may come to the artists through a manager’s suggestion or the singer may ask a songwriter they know to write them a song for their next album. However, the most compelling songs are those where the artist’s lyrics convey a perfect replica of what they are feeling upon the listener. Here we will look at the different pieces in a song that will help you transform your emotions to powerful songs.

We use song to move our emotions. When we are sad, we may want to play that sad song that mirrors what we are feeling, or we may want to crush that down feeling by finding a song that will pump up our emotions and make us happy. Pay attention to the elements of the songs that bring out those feelings, then imitate them. Through imitation you will discover what works best for you.