Music is a universal language that creative people have used to express their thoughts for centuries. Crafting a well-composed piece of music is challenging, as there are many practical and theoretical factors to consider. While the old joke about how to get to Carnegie Hall is true – you do have to practice – there are other incremental steps you can take to sharpen your skills as a composer. Here are five things you can start doing today to become a great composer.

Not all singers write their own songs. The songwriting process varies. Some songs may come to the artists through a manager’s suggestion or the singer may ask a songwriter they know to write them a song for their next album. However, the most compelling songs are those where the artist’s lyrics convey a perfect replica of what they are feeling upon the listener. Here we will look at the different pieces in a song that will help you transform your emotions to powerful songs.

We use song to move our emotions. When we are sad, we may want to play that sad song that mirrors what we are feeling, or we may want to crush that down feeling by finding a song that will pump up our emotions and make us happy. Pay attention to the elements of the songs that bring out those feelings, then imitate them. Through imitation you will discover what works best for you.