Songwriters: How to Increase Your Song Credibility

Songwriters: How to Increase Your Song Credibility
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Building song credibility is something that songwriters try hard to do. It’s all about building a name, getting recognized for your craft, and letting people know that you’re serious in what you’re doing. Enhancing your credibility starts with believing you can do it. If you believe in your songwriting talent, success will surely follow you wherever you go.

Collaborate With Other Artists

Networking with artists is one of the best ways to get recognized and gain credibility for your music writing talent. Get to know artists, tell them that you’re here to open up new opportunities for their success.

Through networking, you’ll be a part of the music industry where you can find people who can help further enhance your talents and skills. You will also find fellow songwriters who can give you pointers about the industry and how you can get more exposure.

Consistently Sharing Music Online

Now that you’ve found the artist who can bring life to your music, it’s crucial that you regularly post your music. There are several popular sites to get the best results like Soundcloud, where most aspiring musical talents are found. You may also try Bandcamp, another site to show off your music online.

From these music posting sites online, you can create a portfolio to showcase your work. Regularly upload new music so that people will know that you’re serious about your work. People will more likely work for you if they see how passionate you are about music.

Be Seen On Social Media

The music community maintains a vibrant social presence, and if you’re not active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or other social media sites, then you’re missing out a lot. Use social media wisely; create accounts on the most popular social media sites, and post your work here.

Connect with like-minded people, follow people that you think will enhance your presence online, and use social media to update your fans about any shows or events. Post something new each day or comment on posts related to your craft.

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are the best online social media sites to invite people to listen to your music. Post a link to your Soundcloud account or a YouTube video. Also, ask them to like, subscribe and give their honest opinion about your work. This shows people that you’re thankful for their help and support, and you’re willing to accept criticisms as a way to improve yourself.

Improve Your Craft

Admit that you’re a superstar in the making! Boost your credibility by taking time to learn about songwriting and the necessary steps on how to promote your music. Keep in mind that the more you learn, the better you can improve your skills.

Look for people who can help you out. Join workshops, meet with experts, and listen to works of popular songwriters as well.

Play Music Live

If you sing and write songs, then you should play live so make an impact. Famous music artists rely mostly on promoting their songs on different mediums. But don’t overlook the impact of a live performance.

Joining tours and different gigs offer an excellent way to connect to fans that you can’t accomplish online. Start small, start local. Play at a nearby bar or in an upcoming local music event. This is an excellent way to create a strong local fan base, which will soon grow as you make your music well-known.

After you have built a strong local following, you can take on new musical events city after city. If you’re lucky, you can perform live in other countries. For every show or event, make your audience remember you and your music.

Create A Website, Start A Mailing List

Build a website to promote your music and any event related to your craft. The site must have information about you about your music and your inspiration. Include some links to your music, bios and photo gallery. Create a mailing list and a form where your fans can sign up.

Email marketing lets you directly access the inbox of people who signed up. If a visitor gives his email address, he wants to hear from you and is interested in your music. Finally, your website should include direct links to your social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. These links take them directly to your social accounts so they can interact with you on a more personal level.

Using Press & Blog Presence

If your work was featured by a music blog, online magazine, or any publication, build the hype by using traditional techniques like press releases. A professional PR consultant can help you manage your campaign and get you more coverage. Hiring a professional may be costly, but most people agree that it’s worth it.

And if you’re on a budget, you can make your own press releases. You may also look for affordable help from bloggers and journalists. Remember that valid press releases contain all the essential information about you and your music. And if there are events, shows or tours that you’re a part of, include these in the press release. Basically, a PR announces you and your music in a formal, professional way.

Create Music Videos

Collaborate with singers, professional video editors, and actors to make a music video. An original music video is exciting and exciting for customers.  Good videos may even go viral, and this can dramatically increase your social presence.

People nowadays look for unique, engaging, and intriguing videos. If they like your music video, they may recommend your music video to their friends or family. And nowadays, you can quickly check how many views your video has and how many likes and dislikes it has so far. Also, expand your horizon by listening to different types of songs. Check out turntable players that would play mats for turntable, both old and new.

Your songwriting credibility will take off when you consider these tips to the T. Remember, no two songwriters are the same, and therefore, one technique may work for some but not for all. By investing time, effort, and money, you ‘ll surely be able to enhance your credibility online and offline even with minimal effort.

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