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Songwriting – How to Easily Write a Strong Melody

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Great melodies are crucial to great songs. This video will show you how you can easily come up with a solid, memorable melody. you’ll learn an easy technique for writing effective, singable melodies your listeners will be singing, even after your song is over.

Use A Musical Motif

Some of the things that I found very useful for songwriting is the use of a musical motif.  A motif a short musical phase that is used as a foundation for a melody.  For a motif to work it must be repeated several time in the song section.  In the video Anthony creates a musical phase based on the motif.  The phase is then altered and modified to create some variations.  The first variation is to add additional notes to the original motif.  The second variation is to shorten the phase by removing some of the notes from the motif. Continue reading »

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Songwriting Melody Techniques

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Songwriting Tips: Melody – Mike Lombardo

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Songwriting Tips: Melody – Mike Lombardo

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SONGWRITING: Creating Melody with Numeric Combinations Search Andrew for FREE lesson Handouts. This Video: March 22, 2011 | Search Videos by Title/Date. GO TO: Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers a viewers question… Q: Hi Andrew, I am a mathematician getting hooked on music and guitar, and your videos have helped me greatly! In researching music, my latest studies have had me analyzing scales and chords. One thing I’ve noticed is that scale tones, (or degrees as they’re called in the theory books), are simply numbers and the various ordering of these numbers creates melody. If I create a set of numbers such as; 6, 3, 5, 7, 3 and adapt them to the fingerboard with any number of variations of rhythm — I instantly have a melodic statement. But, how can I take this idea further? Any ideas regarding the expansion of this concept would be very much appreciated. Thank you for all of your guitar lessons. – Luis, Cambridge, MA. A: The numeric melody combinations approach is a fantastic way to come up with interesting melodic ideas. The trick to developing this approach is adding embellishments and making variations to rhythms. The interesting thing is that any number is actually a melody waiting to be discovered. The complete lesson article for this video will be available on the Creative Guitar Studio website shortly. Follow me on Twitter for lesson posting announcements: ____________________________________ The NEW Zazzle Products page: www


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SONGWRITING: Creating Melody with Numeric Combinations

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Songwriting Guitar: D Dorian Scale Melody for Songwriters Daniel writes songs on his guitar (goood songs too). His one octave vocal range sits on the guitar D string. Guess where his melodies will come? Through all the different D scales. Or modes. Here’s the first one. D Dorian. Which lets you and Daniel write songs and melody in the key of C.


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Songwriting Guitar: D Dorian Scale Melody for Songwriters

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Songwriting: Composing Smooth Simple Melody SearchAndrew for FREE lesson Handouts. This Video: August 16, 2011 | Search Videos by Title/Date. GO TO: Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers a viewers question… Q: I’ve been having a tough time trying to develop simple composed melodies over chord progressions. I’m basically a rock guitar ex-shredder guy who’s now trying to slow down and create simple expressive lines in the instrumental pop/rock and jazz/R and B styles. The only thing is, I’m not having much luck. Could you please make a lesson covering a few concepts that work effectively when playing slower composed melodies? Thanks for the great YouTube channel you run, I’m learning a lot. – Isaac — Grand Rapids, MI. A: Composing melodies that are simple, melodic and interpretive in a style like instrumental music requires a lyrical touch. To achieve this, you’ll need notes that can linger and also suuround chord tones to really connect with the underlying harmony. Another important area happens to be the often over-looked area of rhythm. Strong and simple melodies tend to focus quite heavily upon recurring rhythmic threads in the music. In the video we’ll have a look at a number of important tips to help create a nice balance when composing simple melodies in the instrumental style. The complete lesson article for this video will be available on the Creative Guitar Studio website shortly. Follow me on Twitter for lesson posting announcements


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Songwriting: Composing Smooth Simple Melody

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Songwriting Basics: The Melody

Alessandro explaining why Melody is the most important element of a song. http


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Songwriting Basics: The Melody

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5 Places To Find Songwriting Inspiration On Campus

Find Songwriting Inspiration Person writing in the park

Inspiration can hit at any point, and anything can be inspiring—people, nature, books, travel, sadness, a melancholy mood, or even your own thoughts. Without inspiration, you cannot be creative, and if you’re not creative, you cannot write an original piece.

Sometimes, it can be hard for an artist to look for inspiration. Thus, you need to figure out how to boost your ability to inspire and be inspired.

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Logics You Can Use While Writing Melodious Songs

Writing Melodious Songs

Writing songs is a tough task if you don’t know the basics of music. Melody is what listeners remember in their head after listening to a melodious song. Melodies are fun to hear but hard to create. Melodies feel like they have already been written before. So, if you want to write unique and memorable songs, this post is for you.

What is Melody?

The basic definition of melody is that it is a series of notes that seems like a single entity to the listener. When a listener hears a song, he or she does not listen to it as a series of notes but as a continuous tone.

The listeners are not interested in the notes or efforts you put in to create a melody. They look for what they can take away from the music you created. Let us dive deeper into the melody and check what is inside it.

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Want to Be A Songwriter? Remember These 5 Essential Songwriting Rules

5 essential songwriting rules

A songwriter is an expert whose main work is to write lyrics and melodies in songs. The songwriter profession, similar to other professions requires one to be creative, passionate and have a love for writing. A songwriter is also required to understand how to work with the latest music technology including computer sound editing, sequencers, and more.

A songwriter will create songs for other artist or bands for them to perform but the credits will remain his/hers.

Songwriters also partner with artist and other songwriters when it comes to creating materials for their shows.

To be a professional songwriter, you must be able to create lyrics and write melodies. There is huge a difference between a lyricist and a songwriter in that the former knows how to write lyrics but does not know how to write melodies. That means an artist will have to come up with their melody.

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Top 5 Mobile Apps for Songwriting

Apps for Songwriter's Smartphone Journal Computer

Songwriting takes a lot of time and careful planning, even for the best musicians. However, you cannot argue the fact that inspiration for songwriting often hits you when you least expect it, as with all great ideas.

It is, therefore, vital that you be prepared whenever it hits, as to not lose golden sparks that could ignite a future song hit. This means you doing songwriting on-the-go, equipped and fortified with modern technology – made easy and convenient. You don’t need to be limited to only remember bits and pieces of the song, be it a melody, title, or lyrics.

Songwriters, with the use of smartphones, now have the capacity to write a song from beginning to the end. Here are five apps for songwriter’s handpicked as your essentials:

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7 Mindfulness Skills That Will Boost Your Songwriting

Mindfulness Skills Boost SongwritingWhen a songwriter wants to write a song, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

  • Is it the words?
  • The melody?
  • The rhythm?

A great songwriter knows that it is none of these things. It all comes down to the spirit of the song. The reason why the songwriter is writing the song in the first place. The purpose or meaning behind it. The message it communicates. The feeling it cultivates. What I hope to present to you today are 7 smart ways to integrate mindfulness into your songwriting

These are the drivers of a great songwriter. He or she knows that everything exists in the mind and heart. Most of the great songs you hear today would not come to existence if they had no meaning or purpose behind them. This is the reason why as a great songwriter, you need to cultivate mindfulness into your songwriting. Cultivating mindfulness means being aware of what is around you. Once you do this, everything about the song just falls into place. Continue reading »

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How to Find Creative Inspiration for Writing a Song While in College

silhouette man guitar creative inspiration music songCollege is the time when a lot of us explore our skills and talents, and many creators find their paths. Students are thought to have creative inspiration, think differently and try to make a change. That’s why lots of them are into arts, literature or music. It is not surprising that many of the bands and artists started at a young age because it is when your imagination is pure and powerful. However, sometimes it gets hard to find creative inspiration for songwriting when you have plenty of assignments to do. Here are some songwriting tips that will help you to catch the muse. Continue reading »

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Songwriting for Beginners: How to Write a Song from Start to Finish

Songwriting For Beginners - Compose Song Lyrics

A majority of beginner musicians wonder how to write a song that people will be crazy about. If you have already written a song or two, you most likely know how amazing it feels to compose your music and articulate yourself through chords, lyrics, and melodies.

As you continue to learn how to compose songs, you’ll observe that songwriting tutorials aren’t the same. This is a normal thing as the songwriting process is different for every person. Some people like to begin with chord progression, some write the lyrics, while others commence with a melody. Moreover, some might write the lyrics first then come up with a title, or write a title then continue from there. All these tactics are ideal for writing songs. Continue reading »

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Lyric Writing Tips – Exercises to Improve Your Songwriting

lyric writing tipsWriting songs is a creative act. Here are some valuable lyric writing tips you can use when writing songs. As with most creative activities it does require a certain level of skill. In order to write better songs there are certain thing you can do to improve your skill. To improve your skill can try some of these exercises.
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