5 Places To Find Songwriting Inspiration On Campus

5 Places To Find Songwriting Inspiration On Campus
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Inspiration can hit at any point, and anything can be inspiring—people, nature, books, travel, sadness, a melancholy mood, or even your own thoughts. Without inspiration, you cannot be creative, and if you’re not creative, you cannot write an original piece.

Sometimes, it can be hard for an artist to look for inspiration. Thus, you need to figure out how to boost your ability to inspire and be inspired.

Why Inspiration Matters In Songwriting

It is every songwriter’s dream to be inspired and write lyrics that will inspire others.

In life, opportunities come and go every now and then, and so does inspiration. People who are keen and alert are able to make use of such opportunities. Unfortunately, many of us cannot seem to spot them; hence, it’s difficult to move forward.

The truth is, you can find inspiration almost everywhere. In fact, you can find inspiration in whatever it is you’re going through at this very moment. Maybe you have found the love of your life. Maybe you are struggling to find a job. Or perhaps you got your heart broken by someone special. All these things trigger a variety of emotions in you, and those emotions can be converted into inspiration.

If you are a student, you don’t have to look for inspiration; it will come crawling to you, but only if you let it in. Confused? Let us elaborate.

The college campus is huge, and there are tons of activities happening all the time. You have the opportunity here to create some amazing memories—all filled with emotions. And as it turns out, visiting places where you can experience something, be it good or bad, will give you enough memories to generate inspiration.

The thing is, inspiration is the feelings we have, the memories we cherish. It comes from within us. Therefore, certain places can trigger certain emotions and make us dig deeper into ourselves.

Having said that, there are several places to find a songwriting inspiration on your campus. And since we’ve already explained the “Why,” let’s help you figure out where and how to seek inspiration for writing your next masterpiece.

Find Songwriting Inspiration #1:
Music Class

You never know when a new melody hits you. As you’re sitting down in your music class, playing with an instrument, you will find yourself exploring lively, colorful chords that boost your emotions—this can be highly inspiring.

Our mood plays a significant role in the writing process, said wise essay writers like David Foster Wallace, Susan Sontag, and James Baldwin. All sorts of writing demands mood, as well as inspiration. When you sit and play your guitar or piano, you have no idea of which song you want to write, but after a while, everything becomes so clear and new lyrics pop up out of nowhere. Many famous songwriters have used this technique as their source of inspiration.

“Two heads are better than one, not because either is infallible, but because they are unlikely to go wrong in the same direction.”— C.S. Lewis

Collaborating with a friend or a group of friends who are on the same track as you will produce excellent results. If you were to work alone, those results would seem impossible to achieve. Let’s say you have the title and chord progression figured out, but maybe your partner(s) have a different idea, one that could actually make the song go viral.

However, if you like working alone, that’s okay too. At least have your friends comment on your piece before you publish it. Feedback from people will spark new concepts in your head.

We aren’t indicating that working alone is all bad. It has its advantages, but the fact is, most of the all-time hits have been results of collaborations with other artists (e.g., Love Yourself by Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran, Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, etc.).

Find Songwriting Inspiration #2:

Students spend at least half of their time during college at the library. It’s quiet so you can study peacefully. You can even make friends as there’s always someone studying next to you.

Let’s say you have a project to finish, but don’t have enough time or resources required. Luckily, you can hire a UK dissertation service to help you with your writing. But you cannot possibly hire an online service to help you with your songwriting. Well, maybe you can, but you shouldn’t! Your song has to be original and authentic, and only then it will be a song to remember.

So, the question is, how to be original?

As we mentioned earlier, if you cannot relate to a good memory, you cannot write a great song, which is why the library is a perfect place to start digging into those memories and feelings of yours. If you’re writing a song about your college life experience, there is no better place to look for inspiration.

Find Songwriting Inspiration #3:
Coffee Shop

The coffee shop in your campus alone carries tons of memories—those lazy mornings when you cheer yourself up with a cup of coffee, relaxed afternoons when you chat with that cute bartender, or late evenings when you are striving for some energy to finish those assignments.

Or perhaps it’s where you meet up with all your friends and have a group chat. Nonetheless, the coffee shop can represent a lot, especially to a student. Many famous writers (e.g., Hemingway, Malcon Gladwell, and Fitzgerald, to name a few) mastered the art of writing in coffee shops. Therefore, it could be an excellent place to seek inspiration for your own masterpiece!

Experts at TopReviewStars believe that inspiration can be found even in the most ordinary places. Maybe it will have nothing to do with your memories, but a stranger you met at the coffee shop who inspired you. You never really know where and when the inspiration strikes.

Find Songwriting Inspiration #4:

The campus park is a beautiful place to spend those sunny spring mornings. It can also be a romantic place for many young and old couples. Several pop artists have used the keyword “park bench” in their songs (e.g., You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift and Tomorrow Never Came by Lana Del Rey)—for good reason.

Whenever we think about parks, almost every time a romantic scenario pops up in mind. However, since we are discussing campus parks here, it’s safe to say that you will have plenty of memories with your close friends. You may even witness a couple kissing or breaking up on a rainy evening.

The writing team at College Paper Review has some quality advice for writers of different genres. They are professionals, but even they need inspiration from time to time so they can come up with new ideas to help students with their projects. According to them, you should revisit places where you once spent countless hours. They are filled with memories; memories that you can recall vividly, but only if you’re there in person.

Relieving the memories from your campus park will help you find that glimpse of inspiration you’re seeking.

Find Songwriting Inspiration #5:
Ball Room

Prom night is special to almost every student. You don’t necessarily need a girl or boy in the frame, although that would make a great love song.

The classroom memories, the friendships you had over the years, the struggles with exams—all these memories trigger numerous emotions as you spend the last night with your friends. If the ballroom doesn’t bring you any inspiration, nothing else will. All you need to do is stand there, keep your eyes closed, and let those memories flow through your brain once again.

One of the best graduation songs is written by none other than Miley Cyrus. If you listen to the song called I’ll Always Remember You, you will find that it represents those feelings we mentioned very well.

Wrapping Up

Being in a place filled with countless memories is sometimes all the inspiration a songwriter needs. As a student, this is the perfect time to start your music career. Many successful artists started off at a very young age, with no money or resources. However, their focus and determination helped them reach where they are today.

As you can see, inspiration plays a vital role in songwriting. Thus, consider visiting the places mentioned above to keep your inspiration at its peak.

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