Top 5 Best Songwriting Software

5 Best Songwriting Software Ableton, Chordpulse, HookPad, Songwriter's Pad, MusescoreSongwriting is a process of writing lyrics and applying models to create a song. This can be a mere hobby or can be something that you can do professionally. Professional songwriters are in demand these days and they are being paid a decent amount for their creative works. But, it does not necessarily mean that only professional songwriters find this field favorable. Even if you are a newbie, there’s still a great chance that you can make great songs like a pro. Aside from your talents, there are tools that can help you learn and excel in this field. These tools include the best songwriting software.

Discover the Top 5 Best Songwriting Software That You Can Try

If you are an aspiring songwriter, the best songwriting software can help you a lot to come up with excellent results. This software can simplify the process of songwriting making it easier and more convenient for you to tackle the work.

If you are fully decided to use and take advantage of songwriting software, the following are the top 5 best software worth trying for:

Ableton Suite

Ableton Live 9 Suite Songwriting Software

This is probably one of the best software for songwriting purposes. This is proven to be useful to songwriters or just anybody who is interested in modifying and creating songs and music. There are lots of amazing features like construction kits, thousands of song templates and presets, MIDI modulation sections, limiter, overdrive, built-in software instruments and more other amazing features that songwriters can use and take advantage of.


ChordPulse Songwriting SoftwareThis software allows you to choose more than a hundred music styles and about 16 chord types. These can help a lot in your songwriting and practice with its exclusive application. This songwriting software provides full accompaniment, drum machine and chords only background to perfectly suit any type of music that you wanted to create.


Hookpad Songwriting software

This is also one of the best software that completely simplifies songwriting. The moment you have chosen the chords, this software can help you choose the notes that best suit your melody through highlighting notes which are actually in the chords that you have written. In such way, you can easily see which notes sound stable and which notes actually create dissonant sounds.

Songwriter’s Pad

Songwriter's Pad SoftwareIf you wanted to take your songwriting to the next level, this software is right for you. If you lose track of great ideas or you experience writer’s block, this song writing software can help put your ideas into words. The Songwriter’s Pad somehow thinks just like you. This was designed exclusively by songwriters who also understand your struggle. This software provides you the tools that you need to compose or write amazing lyrics.


MuseScore Songwriting SoftwareWith this easy to use software, you can create, print and playback beautiful music. This is a free score writer for MacOS, Linux and Windows. Musescore supports wide range of input methods and file formats. Its major purpose is to create top quality engraved music scores in a” what you see and what you get” environment.

Having one of this songwriting software cannot completely guarantee success in songwriting. You need to have the skills and of course you need to learn more. If you wish to improve your knowledge of chord progressions, you can check out this web page.

Songwriting can be an exciting process especially for those who love music. But this can also be challenging if you do not have the right tools. We hope that this article helped you learn how important getting the best songwriting software and tools are. These are actually vital part of your entire songwriting journey.

Scarlett Gibson is a technical writer, a coffee addict and a huge rock music fan currently located in Prescott, Arizona. She is fond of writing songs lyrics as well as working as an online essay helper. Check out her Google+ account.

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    Here’s a tip based on breaking the ‘rules.’ One approach to songwriting is to ask yourself ‘what does the song need.’ Many times, when songwriters ask this question of themselves, they find that the standard pop song format fails them at first pass. Then, after many revisions and rewrites, they end up with a structure that is more accessible to the listeners. Here’s what it all boils down to: if a listener comments on your structure, you have failed at your job. As a songwriter you write good songs, not good structures.