5 Tips Songwriters Need to Know When Participating in a Song Contest

5 Tips Songwriters Need to Know When Participating in a Song Contest

5 tips every songwriter needs to know when participating in a song contest

Having a knack for songwriting is a gift. Being able to share that gift with the people is a blessing. Most amateur songwriters enter a song-writing contest to showcase their talent to the a wider audience. Well, it’s nice to have people listen to your song, but it would be better if you would win that song contest and be given an opportunity to share your song to a wider market. What are the things to consider when joining a songwriting contest? Read on and keep this list in mind.

1. Poetry Set to Song

If you want your songs to be spectacular, try writing poetry first then turn it into a song. So how are you going to turn the poem into a song? Well first, you have to decide what genre of music you will be writing. Once you have made your decision, write a poem. You can write about an experience or some important people in your life. Write from the heart so that the listener could feel the emotions that you are trying to relay. Have a read through on the poem that you have written and placed a melody in it.

2. Be patient when writing lyrics

Just like the most seasoned novelists, you would also experience a mental block at some point in your song-writing career. Don’t panic though when this happens to you. Just acknowledge that this is normal and is only a phase. Some days the ideas just keep pouring in while there would be days that you can’t even write a single letter or put a single rhythm.

Making a great song takes a lot of time and patience. The current songs on the Billboard Hits were not created just overnight. If you feel that you are not being productive and can’t write a song, take a break and smell some fresh air. Most often, a little amount of relaxation and meditation is all you need to keep you on track again.

3. Turn your experience into creative drama

Ever wonder why great love songs are the life’s theme song of all people, whether they are in love or broken-hearted? That’s because they are filled with so many emotions that listeners could relate to it. Most successful songs are based on the real-life experiences of the songwriter or someone close to him.

Okay, so maybe you have gone through a recent breakup or major failure in life. What’s good about being a songwriter is that you can turn these life’s experiences as inspiration when creating a song for the contest. Whether it’s a happy or sad experience, put those emotions into life through your music and lyrics. Listeners and the judges would like your song better if they are filled with so much drama and emotions.

4. Look for themes all around you

Your surroundings could be a platform where you can get your ideas for your song-writing. Seeing that old couple walking in the park holding each other’s hands? You can use them as your inspiration in writing a love song. How about that free-spirited group of teenagers dancing their hearts out on the street? Write a happy song about dreams and friendship based on them. Just simply look around you and you can get a thousand ideas that you can use when writing a song in a contest.

With the advent of technology, you can also use the internet to your advantage. Browse through popular websites like Musicskanner to see what’s trending when it comes to music. You just need to have a creative mind to be able to turn your everyday environment into a winning piece.

5. Keep your listeners happy

When you write a song for a contest, always keep your listener’s interest in mind because they would be the recipient of your piece. Make sure that the song that you are is captivating and interesting. It’s quite a challenge to have your listener’s attention and avoid them from being bored while listening to your song.

How do you hold your listener’s attention until the very end of your song? Avoid having music and lyrics that are too predictable. Build a momentum and select a part that you should highlight as a chorus.

If you keep these tips in mind, there’s no doubt that you would rule the next song contest.

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