How to Write Better Songs

How to Write Better Songs

How to Write Better Songs Guitar
Once you have decided to try yourself in composing verses and want them become a song one day, but you do not play any musical instruments and can’t compose own music, then you have to understand that writing a good song is not that easy, as it may seem at first sight; you have to work very hard to make your text attract the attention of musicians.

The lyrics of the song must tell a complete story and convey feelings of the songwriter, thus the main aim of any author is to write words he wants to hear himself, the words listeners will not be able to stop repeating.

Ideas pull the trigger

If you want to write better songs, the first thing you should start with is choosing a good idea. We hear various melodies from TV, radio and internet every day, thus you might have noticed that, in the most cases, they have common leitmotif; it has to be something that brings emotions to people.

For instance, we can speak of Love as one of the main sources of inspiration for many songwriters; new love, pain of losing, search, deceit, fear of falling in love and a desire to be loved are the feelings many people have experienced in their lives, thus the songs with such plot elicit people’s deep feelings and make them contemplate.

To my mind, songs that give us pause are real masterpieces. Some artists prefer writing personal songs, it is far easier for them and brings more pleasure; but they sometimes are considered to be too vague and bizarre for an ordinary listener, but it doesn’t mean they have no right to exist.

Once a topic is chosen, next step is considering a new way of expressing your thoughts because there are too many songs written, using the same topic that is why you need to think outside the box and create your own unique work.

Catchy title can make a difference

You can find good titles for your song easily, just look around and examine what surrounds you; the names can be hidden everywhere: movie, commercial, TV show, newspaper etc. Many songwriters say that the strongest names and songwriting ideas are the results of their own personal experience.

The most famous lyrics can make listeners’ skin to crawl by telling them about the feelings which cannot be forged, and it is very difficult to compete with such works. Of course, if it is difficult for you to work on the song on your own, you can always ask for help from different songwriting organizations, but what can be better than sharing your thoughts with an audience and give them a part of your soul?

How to Write Better Song Guitar C9 Chord

Winning refrain is essential

The refrain, similar to a chorus, is an essential part of the song, thus you must pay careful attention to it. The main aim of any refrain is to “hook” listeners’ attention. Its semantic load must unite the entire song, at the same time. It isn’t recommended to bring any new information and details to the refrain, for these purposes there are couplets.

Ideally, the words of the chorus should sound naturally when they repeat after each verse and they must be easy to remember. While the meaning is essential in verse, the musical side is more important in the refrain.

Write Better Songs to Creates a Mood

Today the song plays a very important role; people sing when they are happy, in love, when spring comes and flowers blossom as well as when they feel depressed or lonely. Good music improves mood and a favorite song can really fill the heart with happiness each time you are listening to it.

When a person is unhappy, then sad songs appear on the stage; many songs about sad love were created during the history of humankind. Feeling the pain and great personal anguish, a person tries to alleviate his emotional hurt with music.

Everyone can find something in music for himself, thus the main duty of each songwriter is to write better songs that will awaken the whole range of people’s emotions.

BIO: Sandra Larson is a young and creative writer, who has just graduated from a Journalism Department of the City University of London and is currently working for She has excellent communication, analytical and multi-tasking skills. She likes reading and writing poems in her free time, as well as playing with her dog. Her main inspirations are nature, good movies and people who surround her.

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