How to Write a Hit Song in 2020

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Songwriting is a magic-like process for many. When famous hit makers are asked how they write songs, most often, they talk about inspiration and other unconscious things. Although every activity has its tricks and ready-made templates. Let’s explore some ideas on how to write a hit song.

Do you have a desire to write a hit at the start of this year? But as a songwriter, do you know exactly – what, how, why, where, etc.? There are many questions, but no answers. We will help you with that. It doesn’t matter if you already have some fans or not. In the digital world, songs become viral very fast.

The most talented songwriters have managed to stay at the top of the music industry for six or seven years. Then they run out of resources for creativity. As a result, they are replaced by new talents. This means you always have a chance to become a leader on a list of local or even world hits.

Anyway, not everyone is born a songwriter. For example, some people use services like EssayPro to accumulate their ideas into texts. So, don’t take it personally if it is going difficult for you.

We live in 2020, and the music production environment is very different from a few years ago.

Here are the Most Important Tips on How to Write a Hit Song Relevant This Year:

Use post-irony

Post-irony, or as it is called “new sincerity,” is now an integral part of the music creation.

It is a term used to describe a state where sincerity becomes difficult to distinguish from irony in our contemporary post-truth world. A listener without any background is likely to take your text seriously. Those closer to you will realize that this is ironic.

This also means that the interpretation will significantly vary for different peopleб and you can make an impact on a wider target audience.

An Ideal Video-Clip or Image Video

You should become an ardent fan of video artwork. An original video can get you as many followers as lyrics or music. The viewer must be left wanting more after watching it.

To make it work, you need to gather a team that is close in spirit, has a similar taste, and knows how to turn a message into a quality picture. This is a case when an obsession with business and perfectionism can replace a loud name.

Targeting a Young Audience

In the era of capitalism, older people are not very busy listening to a lot of music. A catchy melody with deep lyrics will become viral among the young generation in a blink of an eye. So, it should drive fully and intuitively.

You should check the summaries of different music websites or apps for changes in audience tastes. For instance, you can try Spotify statistics to account for the tastes of different age-groups of people. 

Competent Management

This is perhaps the most important point. The creation has little chance of becoming a hit without competent management and persistent promotion.

Yes, some managers act with closed eyes and make brilliant breakthroughs, but these are exceptional. In 99.9% of cases, systematic teamwork and compelling music material decide everything. A song should sound, rumble, move in – and with the previous four points, it is doomed to be a hit!

The Song Has to Be Clear and Understandable

There should not be too much information in the sound. You can’t add too many elements at one moment. Only one at a time. It’s like a movie. You can’t introduce ten characters in the first scene: you need to meet one of them before you go to the next. Listeners should understand the song without straining their brains.

Keywords are also important. Create 3-5 keywords and use each of them at least three times.


It is very important that the artist honestly informs people what he wanted to say with his song – and then the listener will believe them! The text must be personal to the artist. The audience can tell if the singer does not feel the lyrics.

Ideally – you should have experienced the events described in a song. Listen to the young artists singing world hits at the talent show castings – Je Suis Malade, Strangers In The Night, Moon River, It’s A Wonderful World. Their vocal technique may be flawless, but underneath this smoothness, there’s a void – they haven’t lived these feelings yet; they haven’t milled these thoughts and experiences.

Raise the Hottest Global or Local Issues for 2020

Eternal themes like love are not so easy to make viral nowadays. Be educated and understand what’s going on around you: read the news (better proven and world-known newspapers like the New York Times), go to different events in your city.

Most likely, the hottest topics for this year will relate to…

  • ecology
  • migration
  • local wars
  • the rights of animals
  • minorities etc.

Song Title

On the last note, very often, the title of a song is invented after the creative process. This is a very big mistake. The title of the song is the same as your name. Imagine parents who only give their child a name when it’s time to send him to school.

The song’s title should be memorable and attract attention. For a hit, it is vital to have a unique name that can be both negative and positive. That’s what marketing calls knowing the word.

Article by Jenine Wing

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  1. Fantastic guide! Writing a hit song is an art, and your insights on how to write a hit song in 2020 are both practical and inspiring. The emphasis on authenticity, storytelling, and connecting with the audience resonates deeply.

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