Know how listening to slow music can help in practicing mindfulness

Know how listening to slow music can help in practicing mindfulness
Listening Slow Music Practice Mindfulness

It is a well-known fact that surviving in today’s world is much more difficult than how it used to be. There is a lot of stress floating around, and the kind of lifestyle led doesn’t play any role in reducing it in any way. Since this stress can affect a person immensely, some steps should be taken to avert it. One such endeavor is known as mindfulness.

In simple terms, it is the ability to remain in the present and be completely aware of what is around. It helps you to pay complete attention to the current situation without wandering too much. There are different ways of practicing mindfulness. Listening to music is one of them. The importance of music in practicing mindfulness has been discussed in detail here.

Music’s role in mindfulness

You must have heard from many people that different forms of music help to calm them down. It is a type of meditation for them. This is because music is a language that has its own energy and can emanate different emotions in different people. Music does not have any barrier as such, and no boundaries to stop it. It is free-flowing. Since different forms of music have different waves and vibrations, it can calm down the mind and generate a sense of empathy and pleasure at the same time.

The whole purpose of mindfulness is also to be calm and aware of the present. Since both of them are interrelated, it can be safely said that music can be used as a potent tool for practicing mindfulness. Every individual is different in this aspect. Some might find instrumental music soothing, while some might rely on songs. It is important to identify which one you like so that you can use it to your benefit.

Suggestions to practice mindful music

Like mentioned before, different types of music have different effects on different people. Some may find the chirping of birds annoying, while for some, it might be soothing. To incorporate mindfulness with music, it is important to identify. You can use a trial and error method for that. Shuffle between songs and see which one catches your attention in the best manner and makes you stay fixated to it. Once you identify that, using music for mindfulness becomes easier. There are a few more suggestions that might be useful in this particular aspect-

Sit or lay down in a comfortable posture- Ergonomics plays an important role in mindfulness. If you are not comfortable, that will be in your mind at all times. Thus, you will not be able to concentrate on the present. Take a while to settle down. Choose a sitting or lying down position which comes naturally to you, and you feel relaxed in. Practicing mindfulness will be easier in this position.

Turn off your phone- Even though phones were primarily made for convenience’s sake, it can be quite a nuisance sometimes. It can be difficult to concentrate on your phone as it is a constant source of distraction. Therefore, switch it off before starting.

Take a few deep breaths and relax- Relaxation is a crucial aspect of mindfulness. If you are not relaxed, your mind will go here and there. No matter how hard you try to concentrate on music and use it to practice mindfulness, it becomes almost impossible. One common way of doing so is taking a few deep breaths. It helps the oxygen reach all parts of your body, and you feel like you have a grip almost immediately.

Get yourself free from your schedule- When you are practicing mindfulness, nothing else should be in your mind. Therefore, start when your schedule is clear. Give it some priority and keep some time exclusively for this practice.

Use slow music to get mindful can help you in the following ways.

One of the best types of music that are helpful for mindfulness is the slow one. It’s vibe and energy matches with the need to stay calm. A few other utilities are:

Enhance creativity- Since music is a creative practice, it stimulates the creative section of the brain. Thus, it gets activated and enhanced, and you can perform better in this field. You can check to know more about the relation between creativity and mindfulness.

Make mindfulness practice fun- Music is fun. It has all the elements that can bring out the interesting self in you. Consequently, mindfulness becomes fun too.

Deals with your emotion- Music is closely associated with your emotions. It can induce different thoughts in you. Since the whole point of mindfulness is to have a grip on your emotions, music can become a good tool.

Empower your growth- Slow music has the power to stimulate the correct centers in the body, which can make you feel empowered. Your growth is also enhanced.

There is a clear connection between music and mindfulness. It is recommended that you use this bond for your benefits.

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