7 Mindfulness Skills That Will Boost Your Songwriting

7 Mindfulness Skills That Will Boost Your Songwriting

Mindfulness Skills Boost SongwritingWhen a songwriter wants to write a song, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

  • Is it the words?
  • The melody?
  • The rhythm?

A great songwriter knows that it is none of these things. It all comes down to the spirit of the song. The reason why the songwriter is writing the song in the first place. The purpose or meaning behind it. The message it communicates. The feeling it cultivates. What I hope to present to you today are 7 smart ways to integrate mindfulness into your songwriting

These are the drivers of a great songwriter. He or she knows that everything exists in the mind and heart. Most of the great songs you hear today would not come to existence if they had no meaning or purpose behind them. This is the reason why as a great songwriter, you need to cultivate mindfulness into your songwriting. Cultivating mindfulness means being aware of what is around you. Once you do this, everything about the song just falls into place.

“Most of the great songs you hear today would not come to existence if they had no meaning or purpose behind them.”

Today, we will discuss seven smart ways to integrate mindfulness into your songwriting. If you practice these tactics, you will become very creative and your songs will inspire your audience. These are simple but very powerful tools for a songwriter. Here is number one!

1) Write it Down on a Daily Journal

As a songwriter, you will definitely have many great thoughts or ideas crossing your mind every day. You do not want to miss out on them as they can be a source of inspiration. Have a notebook or journal close by to write them down. Another simple way to integrate mindfulness into your songwriting is to sit down for around ten to fifteen minutes and write down anything that comes to mind during that period. Do not worry if its awkward or it does not make sense. Write it down and then keep it away. The reason behind doing this is to get into the habit of expressing yourself openly while being mindful. Deciding whether to keep the journal or judging yourself about what you wrote will come later.

2) Start working early in the morning

Waking up early in the morning to do your songwriting will enhance the quality of your song greatly. Here are a few reasons why should start waking up early to write your songs. First, your mind will be fresh and very active therefore, you will generate great ideas and express yourself fully through your words without struggling or focusing too much. You have probably realized that you focus easily and produce a great piece of work in the morning compared to the evenings.

Second, most people will be asleep by then therefore, you will not be distracted by the people you live with or the neighbor who plays loud music. Darren Hardy, a success coach reported that when one is distracted by something, even if he or she comes back to doing what he or she was doing, it will take approximately eleven minutes to regain focus. To be mindful, you need to work in a quiet environment.Scholar Advisor writers ensure that they work without being distracted. And so should you when you write your songs.

3) Meditate

Meditation involves aligning your body and mind with the universe. In short, you and the universe become one. The universe is always working to help you realize your desires and dreams. When people meditate, they come to realize what they have not been doing right and how to correct it. Or they get ideas on what to do next.

Meditation clears the mind and enhances your thinking process. People who meditate on a daily basis generally perform better in their daily activities than those who do not. Once the mind is clear, there is nothing that can hinder you from getting what you want. You will enjoy your songwriting and in the end, come up with a with great song. Mindfulness  Meditation sparks your creativity. There are a variety of ways to meditate. You can search for one that you will enjoy doing on the internet.

4) Morning Brainstorming

As an artist, your dreams are a great inspiration for you. When you wake up, you may have great ideas on how to start or complete your song. However, when you get out of bed and start your daily activities, these ideas fade away fast! You do not want to lose them. Brainstorming help you retain your ideas. Therefore, always have a notebook and a pen by your bedside to capture any important idea that may come up during this period. You can also get into the habit of writing something immediately you wake up in the morning. Most mind breaking ideas were generated in this way. You should try it out too.

“Therefore, always have a notebook and a pen by your bedside to capture any important idea that may come up during this period.”

5) Observation

Just as a BrillAssignment writer takes his time to write a great article, writing a great song takes time. For some, it takes weeks while for others, months or even years. During this period, your mind should be as open as possible. To get brilliant ideas, you need to pay attention to everything around you. It could be the trees. The wind. Rain drops or the birds singing outside.

Paying attention to everything around you without discrimination will open many doors for you. For once, focus on what is going on around you rather than your thoughts. Observation sparks up your creativity. The most successful artists are also great observers. They see and write what others do not see.

6) Take a break

As we said earlier, it takes time to create a great song. When writing a song, do not rush to complete it. Take a break. If you are through with the lyrics, take some time off then come back and read or continue writing your song. If you have ever tried this, you will notice that when you come back to the song, you will change a huge section of it. Approach your songs with an open mind and everything will fall in the right place. When you take a break, you will become mindful because your mind will be refreshed and active. Employ this method today and see.

7) Analyze your melodies

If you have already written a couple of songs and you loved them, there is no harm going through them once again. They might actually inspire you or spark your creativity to write one more wonderful memorable song. When you are stuck somewhere or need some inspiration, take some time to look at these songs. If you have not yet written any song, you can look up some of the songs that inspire you on the internet. You will also be mindful of how you write your songs.


Great songs are written by mindful artists. You can be one of them if you employ the seven methods discussed above in your songwriting. You will enjoy your writing sessions and find yourself increasing the number of songs you write in a week, month or a year. Start practicing these methods today to transform your work!

Did you find any great ideas you can use right now after reading this article?

Do you any additional tips to add?

What are the exciting ideas you are using in your songwriting and how are you implementing them?

Let us know in the comments.

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