8 Essentials For A Long And Lucrative Music Career

8 Essentials For A Long And Lucrative Music Career
Long and Lucrative Music Career Gold Records Hall of Fame

Many people dream about breaking into the music industry. The idea of making a living by playing music, possibly with fame and fortune, is something that has appealed to most people at some point in their life.

Unfortunately, those who do put in the time and effort to learn how to play music eventually find out how difficult it is. The music industry can be very tough; offering a great deal of reward for those who manage to achieve popularity but stark little for those that do not.

Here we will look at 8 essentials any aspiring musician must consider if they are hoping to create a long and lucrative music career.

1. Always Aim For improvement

Everyone knows the age-old adage ‘practice makes perfect’. While many musicians have done very well for themselves on average, or lower than average, musical facilities this is not the standard. Most successful musicians are successful because they are good at what they do and, of course, the only way to become good at something is to practice, practice, practice.

It should be noted that practice alone is rarely enough on its own; a musician needs to expand their musical horizons. Indulging different musical styles can help bolster a musicians ‘musical toolbox’. It makes them more diverse, interesting, and much more likely to be noticed.

2. Know The Target Audience

Anyone who has been involved in business knows how crucial it is to define one’s target audience. Without knowing exactly who is most likely to purchase the business’s product or service it is almost impossible to market appropriately.

This same concept can be applied to music. Whether it be local or online, different genres and subgenres often have tight-knit communities. The musician must know who to market their music to.

3. Promote, Market, and Network

While having quality music is a necessary condition to success it is not sufficient. Only so much music can be heard and it is not always the best acts that receive the most attention. In order to break into the music industry, one must promote and market their music to their target audience.

“People need to know the music is out there before they can listen to it. The most common method of doing this has always been by playing shows. This is still a must for musicians, but the digital age has allowed musicians to reach users on a global scale,”

David Fearce, journalist, Australia2write

Networking is another important aspect. Musicians must build relationships with promoters, producers, managers, and anyone else in the music industry.

4. Patience And Perseverance

The road to a lucrative music career will not be without its ups and downs. Every famous band or musician has stories about the difficulties they faced along the road to success. Any hopeful musicians can expect to face periods where they feel like giving up on a music career for something more stable and secure. Without patience and perseverance, it is doubtful that anyone will make it through such times.

5. Study Music Theory

Those who have a firm grasp on musical theory find themselves able to play with a wide variety of musicians with relative ease. This versatility ultimately makes a musician more valuable and sought after.

”Many people forget that one does not have to be part of a famous band or solo act to achieve success in the music industry, one can also make a lucrative living as an in-demand studio musician,”

Adam Jacobson, a music blogger at Britstudent.

6. Learn Music Production:

Learning the production side of the music industry can help an artist better compose their songs. It can also open up avenues to another lucrative side of the music industry; production.

Good producers are always in demand and the ones that experience the most success are those that have a background in both playing/composing music along with production.

7. Play With Other Musicians:

Opportunities often present them in places one least expects them to. Forming relationships with other musicians in one’s area is the most likely avenue in which an opportunity will present itself.

8. Follow Relevant Genres:

Most musicians do this already, but many do not. Many get stuck listening to the same musicians and groups they have always, enjoyed ignoring the emerging sound in a specific genre. Sounds and styles develop, they move towards certain qualities and away from others. Not staying current will ultimately lead to failure.

Edward Smith is a business and tech blogger at Nextcoursework.com and PhDKingdom.com academic services. He enjoys following the latest development in tech as well as the latest trends in business and finance.

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