Great Songwriting Resources That You Can Use

Great Songwriting Resources That You Can Use

Songwriting Resources Music ManuscriptNo matter you are a newbie, or an advanced songwriter, sometimes you may lack an inspiration for songwriting. If this lasts for quite a long time, it can become a real problem for you. There are numerous reasons why this might have happened, but what you should definitely do then, is finding a new resource for your inspiration ASAP. But if you do need to write a song just nowyou may use various songwriting resources available both online and offline can really lend you a helping hand. Here I will outline the most useful ones:

Songwriting Resources: Websites

Frankly, in a technological era we live now, websites have become the most popular source of getting information in all spheres of life, thus music is not an exception. To my mind, the most useful are:

This is a very popular online songwriter helper, and although its creator, after 21 years, has stopped updating it, you can still find very interesting content there: information about different musical instruments and best deals on the market, books on music, various author’s articles on relevant topics, and lists of other resources you can visit in order to get even more information.

This is a very interesting and useful source both for novices and those, who have been working in the music industry for quite a long time. Here you may download relevant e-books, download inspirational wallpapers for your devices, take part in a songwriting contest or enroll in online courses.

Its name tells everything. This site contains an online magazine with tons of articles, a monthly contest, where you can win a prize for the best song of the month, a song evaluative service that may give you an objective review on your work and, of course links to other music sources.

Songwriting Resources: E-books

The web is full of interesting books that might help you to find a muse again. Amidst the ones that are worth reading are:

This is a guide for any person, who works in creative sphere. It describes the common fears people of art may have, outline the ways of how to fight with them and gives recommendations on how to reach success.

This book contains a detailed review on the structure of the most popular songs as well as gives directions on how to avoid the most common mistakes.

The author is a famous songwriting consultant that is why in her book she gives recommendations that really work. The formula for your success is described step-by-step, using fresh and useful information.

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Songwriting Resources: Software

You can simplify the process of songwriting using different software. Amidst the easiest to use, but very effective are:


This is one of the best software that completely simplifies songwriting. The moment you have chosen the chords, this software can help you choose the notes that best suit your melody through highlighting notes which are actually in the chords that you have written. In such way, you can easily see which notes sound stable and which notes actually create dissonant sounds. This is an online software.

Songwriter’s Pad

If you wanted to take your songwriting to the next level, this software is right for you. If you lose track of great ideas or you experience writer’s block, this song writing software can help put your ideas into words. The Songwriter’s Pad somehow thinks just like you. This was designed exclusively by songwriters who also understand your struggle. This software provides you the tools that you need to compose or write amazing lyrics.


With this easy to use software, you can create, print and playback beautiful music. This is a free score writer for MacOS, Linux and Windows. Musescore supports wide range of input methods and file formats. Its major purpose is to create top quality engraved music scores in a” what you see and what you get” environment.

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Songwriting Resources: Organizations

You can get in touch with different songwriting organizations both online or offline. This is a perfect opportunity to be involved in musical world by attending their sponsored events, where you can also get good working connections with the other songwriters. Among very famous musical organizations is

Of course, this is not a completed list of sources you may use in order to get songwriting help, but I tried to select the most effective and handy once in order your songs take the first place in various music charts. The golden rule is that you shouldn’t give up, if you fail once, as failures are not fatal, and sometimes by losing a battle, you find a new way to win the war.

Sandra Larson is a prolific freelance writer, who currently works for She holds a degree of a Master of Music, but now is getting her second higher education in Creative Writing from the University of North Carolina. She has chosen this qualification as she really believes that one writes to taste life twice, at the moment and in retrospect.
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