10 Best Resources for Creative Songwriting

10 Best Resources for Creative Songwriting

creative songwriting guitarThe pressure is immense for a modern songwriter. What if your mind gets blocked? What if you write a song that sounds and feels like another one and you don’t even realize it? You’re under constant pressure to meet the expectations and be more creative.

Well, there’s a good thing in being a modern songwriter: you can get better and more productive thanks to technology. There are great tools and online resources that will boost your creativity. We’ll list 10 of them.

1. Music Memos

This one is like Evernote for musicians. Whenever an idea strikes you, you can capture it. The iOS app allows you to record voice, acoustic guitar, piano, and any other instrument. The app will detect the rhythmic feel and tempo of your idea, and it will give you the chords. You’ll get a high-quality audio, so you can revisit it whenever you’re ready to commit to that idea. It’s just brilliant!

2. Hum

This is an iOS app for brainstorming, recording, and organizing your ideas for songs. It will automatically organize your melodies by key, tuning, and mood. You can write lyrics, too. Hum will attach the recordings to them, so you can work on both aspects of the song at the same time. The app lets you add notes as you make progress through a song, so you’ll keep all editing ideas stored.

3. Songwriter’s Pad

It’s another note-taking app specifically designed for musicians. It doesn’t store your work on the cloud, but you can still export and email it. You can use it to create and edit songs by section, change the arrangement of the verses, import backing tracks and beats, add chord notation throughout the lyrics, and more.

4. Box

Every songwriter needs a secure file storing and sharing system. Box will keep all your mp3 files safe and organized. You can access them from any device and share a pitch with producers, artists, or friends who inspire you to make the material better.

5. RoadWriter for Songwriting

This Android app is great for taking notes on the go. It combines a lyrics writing app with music playback, so you’ll get a real feel of your idea. The Rehearsal Mode enables you to combine instrumental tracks with lyrics. You’ll be able to hear your songs and see full-screen lyrics if you choose Performance Mode. With Ad Lib Mode, you can record your song over a track.

6. NanoStudio

NanoStudio gives out a highly professional feel with its comprehensive sequencer and virtual analogue synths. It also gives you effects, a mixer, and sample trigger pads. You can use it to create music on the go. It’s difficult to keep an idea present in your head if you don’t capture it right when it hits you. You don’t have to keep humming the melody until you get to your instruments; just take your device with NanoStudio on it.

7. SoundCloud

This is one of the simplest and most intuitive apps for creating audio recordings. It will automatically save them to your SoundCloud account. You can share the demos with the community, but you can also keep them private if you want to protect the work that’s not ready yet. However, the social aspect of the app can also help you get better ideas for your recordings.

8. RhymeZone

This simple online tool may seem silly at first. However, it’s really helpful for creating lyrics. If you’re stuck and you can’t find a good rhyme, it will give you a list of words you can use. The different word suggestions you get can help you create various versions of your lyrics, so you’ll see which one works best.

9. FourTrack

This is a powerful multitrack audio recorder. It’s great for capturing musical ideas and recording songs on your iOS device. It’s a fully-functional app with CD-quality track recording and many functions that will boost your creativity. It gives you calibrated meters and faders, a shuttle wheel, metronome, latency compensation, and everything else you need to turn your idea to reality.

10 This website

Learn How to Write Songs website has an abundance of online tools and app you can use to stimulate the creative songwriting process. Check out these tools here

Now that you have a great list of tools you can use for songwriting, it’s time to make your picks. The right tool can help you overcome a creativity block as soon as you start using it.

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