Electronic music production tips

Electronic music production tips

Electronic music production djMusic is a thing that brings absolute pleasure and excitement to those who enjoy it. But, creating music might be not that enjoyable activity. Especially, when it comes to making electro music. You can find yourself staring at blank sequencer for hours without a clear idea in your head. The problem is obvious – arranging electronic music is hard. But most of the problems are hiding in your mindset – that’s why you can’t come up with the solution. Writing and arranging tracks can be a real breeze that brings huge inspiration. We prepared some electronic music production tips, for those who are wondering how to arrange electronic music.

1) Make catching intro

If you are planning to include a great hook in the song, place it at the beginning. Great intro will increase expectations and catch the attention of the listener. Electro is a genre that allows using multiple variations of sounds. Thus it won’t be difficult to come up with the engaging intro. Turn on your imagination and use your bright ideas at the beginning of your track.

2) Keep it minimal

Once you have created catching beginning, it will be easier for you to proceed production in chosen direction. The best advice here would be to adhere to minimalist rules. If your beginning is engaging enough, try making the whole sound muffled and laconic. Make the song work with a limited set of instruments, and you will see how easy the creation of balanced track can be.

3) Sample grooves from your favorite tracks

Listening to favorite music will bring you inspiration to create something extraordinary. Use your favorite grooves and drum loops to create own unique pattern. Listen carefully to arrangements of your beloved tracks and study them. Don’t be afraid to mix incompatible patterns and styles – thus you can achieve an unexpected combination that will impress your audience.

4) Apply counterpoint

Replaying your beloved hits, you may be surprised by simplicity of every part. But the real magic creates interplay, which is introduced between main parts. The combination of various parts is called counterpoint. To create counterpoint in your melody, keep synth and drum parts not burdened with excessive sounds. Instead of applying the single instrument to produce complex track, consider breaking up the whole tune on the parts that can be mixed using several instruments.

5) Play with contrasts

Not a fan of electro can claim that all the electronic tracks sound the same. And this person can be right: there aren’t lots of originality in electro – sometimes it’s all about that basses. But some of the best electro artists think outside the box and play with contrast to keep the listener’s interest heated. To achieve contrast, combine soft synth with modern percussion adding some bass line. You can go for various combinations, but don’t forget the main rule: combine the most incompatible patterns.

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6) Don’t be afraid to experiment

The quality of the music produced in a modern electronic music studio is dependent on the creativity of the artist. If you developed a stunning idea to express in your music or wish to apply never used before instrumentation, don’t be afraid to turn it into reality. Music is where you can be as original as you want to, so don’t stop yourself if you want to do something crazy! If you think a gentle guitar melody will perfectly break the track, don’t hesitate – try it. You never know what to expect from audience – maybe your craziness and uniqueness are what they fancy the most.

7) Make the track mixable

Sometimes dancing clubs bring real fame to electro music producers. If you are creating dance music, your tracks have to be mixable for DJs. Combine various styles with simple instrumental parts that can be overlayed. Follow the latest tendencies of digital DJing, and your tracks won’t be aside of electro industry.

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