Top 5 Inspiring Successful Songwriters Stories

Top 5 Inspiring Successful Songwriters Stories
Successful Songwriters Stories

It has never been easier to chase your dream and make it come true than it is today. In the music industry, the sky is the only limit. All over the world, talented singers and songwriters succeeded to make a name for themselves even if they’ve started from scratch.

In the music industry, you need to be talented, passionate, and courageous – the rest will be history. There’s no such thing as the right path to follow.

There are some great artists that took the hard path, some were born in the right family, and of course, there are some that had nothing but their passion for music, these usually being the ones that are able to find the path towards success on their own.

No matter what your path towards becoming a songwriter will be, you have to remember that it won’t be a piece of cake and that you have to fight for your dreams.

But, as we could all use a great story to inspire and motivate ourselves to move along, here’s our top 5 inspiring stories of successful songwriters:

1. Sia

Sia, also known as the pop star who doesn’t want to be famous, is well known for her amazing voice and her curious ways of covering her face. She grew up surrounded by artists, including her parents, and because of this, she turned to music so her parents would love her more.

While growing up, her father became more and more abusive leading to her parents’ divorce. At only 17 years old, Sia was the new lead singer of a band while she was working at a local café. Because of her introverted self, she relied on alcohol before performing a live show, which slowly turned into an addiction.

At 21, the group disbanded and she suffered a terrible loss – Sia lost her boyfriend – something that has only intensified her drinking problem. According to some resources from Essayshark, for the next six years, she drowned her sorrows in alcohol and drugs.

Thanks to her distinctive voice, by 25 years old, she manages to release her first single which happens to be a total success. Slowly, she becomes famous, but she never really liked to be in the spotlight. So after 13 years of fame, her lifestyle became too much for her, struggling with depression, so she appealed to her old bad habits.

Shortly, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and she started to plan her death. Fortunately, her suicidal plan failed, and after she sobered up in rehab she found a new manager that understood her struggles with fame and suggested to write songs for other singers.

That’s how she finds out that she was a very talented songwriter, ending up writing great songs for Beyoncé, Katy Perry, and many others. In 2014, Sia finally comes back in the spotlight with her own songs which she couldn’t give up to another singer.

2. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is one of the most controversial artists in the world, but that’s why she’s probably the queen of pop. Gaga had a unique, creative personality from a very young age, so her mother introduced her to the piano.

She attended a girls-only private school, where despite her intellect, she was bullied because of her looks – big nose, rabbit teeth. That’s when the struggles with depression, anxiety, and insecurity kicked in Gaga’s life. Fortunately, she found her sweet escape in music.

After high school, she enrolled in a music school, she started working as a waitress and as a pianist and also as a singer at a cabaret club. Everything was going fine until she was raped at 19 years old. She kept this a secret for 7 long years and she even blamed herself for the event, related Paper Writing Pro Service.

She dropped out of school to mend her wounds and she started to chase her actress dream, but she shortly found her way back to music and formed a band which led her to a producer, Rob Fusari, who labeled her as the female version of John Lennon.

Everything went fine until she started struggling to be in control of her own image and her personality, while “big music industry players” wanted to turn Gaga into a mainstream pop star. So, the label dropped her sooner rather than later and she started to find and define herself as an artist.

At 21 years old, producer RedOne hired Gaga to write songs for Fergie, Britney Spears, and Pussycat Dolls, but because she was aiming to be a pop star she began taking pills to lose weight, just to be “pretty enough” to be a successful performer – she felt again in the same trap of pleasing the label over herself.

Motivated by her ex-boyfriend who told her that she will never make it, she started to reinvent herself and started approaching different songs which caught Akon’s attention. He helped her make her first album, which was a great success – Gaga finally made it.

3.    Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran grew up as a peculiar ginger boy whose interest in music was noticeable from a very young age. By the time he was 11 years old, he was writing his own songs. Despite his great talent, he was constantly bullied at school because of his looks.

After a surgery that went wrong – leaving him with speech problems and a lazy eye – his life at school became even worse, according to some sources from Fortunately, music was his sweet escape, his guitar being his best friend.

Ed was afraid that he’ll never recover from that surgery because the therapy wasn’t going well. But things changed fast from the day his dad give him Eminem’s record. He was fascinated by Eminem’s ability to rap so fast that by the time he was 10 years old, he learned all his lyrics and he started writing and singing his songs more and more until his speech problem was gone.

At only 14 years old he left home to London to chase his dream. For a few years, he struggled with life on the road, many times his bed being a park bench. In those times, food was rater a luxury.

Despite living a tough life, he found his way to produce his music and release his albums. The appearance of social media helped Ed take his career to the next level by making him famous and allowing him to dream even bigger.

He knew that America is the next step for him, and right he was. During one of his shows, he managed to impress the host, Jamie Foxx, so much that he let Ed crush on his couch and use his record studio. From here on success is following his name.

4.    Eminem

Eminem comes from an unfortunate background – runaway father and 15 years old mother. He lived on a constant move, so he was always the new boy at school. When they finally settled in the rough part of Detroit, he found himself being the main attraction for the bullies.

He loved English classes as he was fascinated by the power of words. At nine years old he was constantly beaten and bullied by older students.  One day he ended up in the hospital with cerebral hemorrhage which left him with nightmares.

His uncle played him the first rap song that got him hooked instantly. So, at 14 years old he started rapping with a friend, skipping school to participate in rap battles.

But feeling like he needs to step up the game he found himself in an open mic contest surrounded by black people where he managed to step down his opponent with his creative rhymes and insults.

Having a daughter on the way, Eminem released his first album which wasn’t a success. But he didn’t stop here even though he had no job and his girlfriend was leaving him. He even attempted to take his life away.

He created Slim Shady in order to channel his dark childhood and decided to participate at Rap Olympics where he took the second place title. After that, his performance got to the ears of Dr. Dre who was amazed by his single “My Name Is”.

Until his first album was released, he still struggled with his rent. Nevertheless, in the end, it was worth it as it got him a Grammy Award.

5. Adele

Adele was raised by her mother, who was only at the time she was giving birth to her baby. Her father left them when she was only 2 years old. They moved from town to town, Adele having to change 10 schools over the years.

She never really wanted to be famous, she was talented, she loves to write and sing, but she rather wanted to help other artists. Of course, all until one day a friend of hers uploaded 3 track demos which were later found by XL Recordings.

Her first record was a total success, selling over 10 million copies. But what made Adele really famous was the heartbreaking breakup with her older boyfriend, who engaged shortly after.

She leverages the pain to write the single “Someone Like You” which gets her 6 awards at the 54th Grammy Awards. After her vocal cords surgery, right in that night, she gave an amazing performance that gave her a lot of recognition and respect.

Anyhow, Adele was always afraid of the stage and spotlight, but no panic attack could stop her from becoming the artist that she is today.


I know.Their stories would make a great plot for a drama movie, but you know how they say… real life beats every movie. Depending on your tastes in music, one of these great artist’s story must have touched you.

Sia, Gaga, Eminem, Adele, and Ed Sheeran are great examples and reminders that if they could do it, so you can! All is left for you to do is to leverage the inspiration from their stories and write your song – your story.

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