The Best Songwriting Tips from Famous Musicians

The Best Songwriting Tips from Famous Musicians

The Best Songwriting Tips from Famous MusiciansWriting a song is a unique creative process, which not only requires talent, but also persistence, passion for music and deep understanding of life. Not every great song was written by a talented musician. It might happen that people practice themselves with songwriting. So, is it possible to train oneself into songwriting? Our answer is “Yes.” Here are some of the best songwriting tips….

Best Songwriting Tips: Freddie Mercury

When talking about the best songs ever written, Freddie Mercury’s name would come to lots of minds. The hits of his band, like

  • “I want it all”,
  • “Don’t stop me”,
  • “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, etc.

are great examples of exceptional songs created by a talented person with a positive attitude towards life. So, the tips from such a famous singer are worth considering. For instance, Freddie always claimed that the talent consists of not only creating a good song but the ability to deliver it to the audience, meaning to perform it well. He always wrote a tune first.

Famous singers frequently cooperate with other famous musicians or writers. Freddie Mercury, for instance, worked with Michael Jackson and even created a song collaborating with Montserrat Caballé titled “Barcelona.”

Songwriting TipsSome famous singers frequently sing songs made by other musicians or composers. Singers might even become very famous due to songs created by another person. This can be compared to using writing services, like those mentioned in reviews. However, using such services has helped many people to succeed at university, but not necessarily made them famous in comparison to a personal creative talent.

Best Songwriting Tips: Michael Jackson

Some of the famous singers and musicians have quite extraordinary songwriting tips. For example, Michael Jackson had a habit of making the whole track using his voice only, without using any musical instruments. Only after he had come up with the vocal version, the actual music writing took place. Another important trick for the songwriter is to understand and feel the audience very well, so to say, to have a communication with people through the song written. Here are a few hit songs by Michael Jackson….

  • Man in the Mirror
  • Billie Jean
  • Smooth Criminal

Some musicians start the music writing process with creating the melody and then getting to the lyrics. Other tend to compose lyrics first and then write the music or do it simultaneously. The bands working on a new song may use a combination of songwriting techniques and assist each other. Thus, the songwriting tips from famous songwriters vary from one musician to another.

Best Songwriting Tips: John Legend

John Legend argues that the best way is writing a music first and then continue with putting lyrics on the music written. This can be referred to as the structured writing process. Other composers, find lyrics the most important part of the songwriting process. That way once the lyrics are available, it is possible to play with the rhythm and come up with the melody in the end.

  • All of Me
  • Love Me Now
  • Ordinary People

Best Songwriting Tips: Conor Oberst

Conor Oberst claims that it is very important to capture every moment of inspiration. That is why he always has a pen and paper or notebook next to him in case there is the right moment and the words or the tune can be registered.

  • First Day of My LIfe
  • Lover I Don’t Have to Love
  • Lua
  • Cape Canaveral

Best Songwriting Tips: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift argues that in order to make a song understood and loved by the public it is important to write from the own experience. This is what makes the songs “alive”. Electronic music writers always keep their intro catchy and proceed with the writing process basing on the play with contrasts, minimalism, and the experimentation.

  • We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
  • Blank Space
  • New Romantics
  • All Too Well

Best Songwriting Tips: Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen likes to share with his fans some of the best songwriting tips he has found. He claims that song creation can be a very tiresome and frustrating process. Thus, it is very important to take breaks so that your creativity would flow instead of making yourself write a couple of lines. This idea is supported by other famous songwriters who can write a line once in three or more days. This is what makes their songs unique if not perfect. On the other hand,

  • Suzanne
  • So Long, Marianne
  • Hallelujah
  • I’m Your Man

Alex Turner

Alex Turner argues that it is important not to overthink the song creation since it should be a natural process. Initially, it is worth making a draft of your song and after a while it always possible to take it and to make any changes you will find suitable.

  • I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor
  • When the Sun Goes Down
  • Fluorescent Adolescent

Many musicians progress in their music writing experience together the number of albums they have created. Thus, there is no limit to perfection in music. Once you are ready to write your song, you may either pay attention to the tips for songwriting suggested by famous musicians.

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