3 Psychological Tricks How Write a Hit Song

3 Psychological Tricks How Write a Hit Song

writing songs psychological tricksThere will be many guides and articles telling you how to write better songs, but the right approach toward change always depends on what you want to achieve. Changing your current writing habits can happen only under your watch and with your effort. Understanding psychological tricks will help you in your songwriting process

Surely, many of the tips can help, even the most ridiculous ones. You’ve probably heard of the habits popular songwriters have, such as not talking to people all day long, or using the ‘Mozart effect’ to kill the writer’s block.

Regardless of the approach you choose, if you are struggling with creating a hit despite all your efforts and talents, it is time to make some changes. Below are the three best psychological tricks that will help you create a hit.

1.  Make Each Line Count

The first draft for a song is always written in a rush, without paying attention to details and flaws. You’ve probably taken notes at a time when the idea for your song came to your mind. This helps songwriters keep their ideas fresh and not forget them.

It is the smart thing to do, but this flow of thoughts does not make for the final version of your song. As soon as you compose the lyrics the first time, you need to start working on each line and thought separately.

Look at each line of your song separately. If it helps, read each line out loud. If a person gets only two or three lines of your song, will this be something worth remembering?

Start looking at your song as a building you create block by block. To make it a hit, every line you write in it must communicate your idea and make sense. In addition, songwriting must be connected, same as any other type of writing.

Build connections between the preceding and subsequent thoughts and lines in your song.

2.  Choose Your ‘Title of Power’

Your song should demonstrate power, and you are the one to determine where the power fits in the title. Songs can have different power positions, and selecting the right one will determine the entire flow of your writing.

Everything depends on the title of power you will set. Whether you will choose to put the song title in the last line of your verse or the beginning, it is up to you.

If you decide to stray from this, your song will require a counteract in the form of a melodic emphasis on the title of power.

If you rush into it and simply ‘burn the title’ right there in the middle of your writing, this may confuse both yourself and your listener. You have put so much effort in finding the perfect title for your hit song, so try not to destroy this by hiding the title in plain sight.

3.  Perfect Your Song

You can only feel good about your song if you are certain it is the best version it can be. After all, you cannot expect others to love a song you don’t think is amazing yourself.

Do everything you feel necessary to feel like your song is the best and final version. When you are done with writing a song, you should listen to it and know it will become a hit.

How can you know this?

You can know this by paying attention to every little detail. Vary the lines’ length, remove lines that are not connected well or sound great, and proofread everything.

You surely don’t want all your efforts to go in vain because you failed to recognize a grammar error in your writing. Your lyrics don’t just need to be rhythmically inviting, but also conversationally right.

To ensure the writing is absolutely perfect in sense of grammar, punctuation and vocabulary, use tools that will help you achieve this. Grammarly is a great tool for proofreading, as well as the Hemingway Editor. If you want to be 100% sure you’ve found even the smallest typos in your song, hire a proofreading service like Superior Papers and ask them to look at your writing.

Final Thoughts on Psychological Tricks for Songs

The experience you already have and the tips you hear from successful songwriters can really help you create songs people will love. But, the first thing you must ensure is that you are ready to find the best way to turn your ideas into a hit. These psychological tricks should help you get right where you want with your songwriting skills.

Alexandra HayesAlexandra Hayes is a creative writer interested in digital marketing and PR. She enjoys visual arts and ashtanga yoga. Besides, Alexandra is a starting photographer. Meet her on Twitter and Facebook!
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Alexandra Hayes is a creative writer interested in digital marketing and PR. She enjoys visual arts and ashtanga yoga. Besides, Alexandra is a starting photographer.

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