How to Make a Great Hip-Hop Beats in Home FL Studio

How to Make a Great Hip-Hop Beats in Home FL Studio

FL Studio Computer Software SetupLearn and understand how to make a great hip hop beats in FL Studio software. It teaches about how to come out with the best beats in a few minutes at no cost.

First of all, you have to understand that the Fruity Loops which is also known as the FL Studio means a digital audio workstation which the Image Line Group created. It started from being a beat making tool and later transformed into a digital studio workstation for mixing. In order to come out with a great hip hop beat from this workstation at your home, you have to follow these steps.

Open the Fl Studio and Choose Your Samples

You have to start making a great hip hop beat by opening the fl studio on your computer. When you do, you will be faced by two rectangular lines. The large one signifies your playlist, while the smaller one is the sequencer for the studio. On the vertical angle of the fl studio platform, is a menu by the left side. The first step to take in making a great hip hop beat is to look through the menu and discover the “Packs” tab. Open it and select the audio samples you need in it. This is where you have to choose from the programmed instrumental samples that appeal to you. You have to open or play these hip hop beat samples to see what they are like. Start by selecting the basics here. When you must have picked one hip hop beat sample depending on what people will like, take it to the step sequencer by dragging the icon.

Draw Your Beat

When you place the chosen hip hop beat on the sequencer of your fl studio, you will see four sets of four boxes for each of the selected slots. They are placed in a black and red alternating manner, and each one stands for a single hip hop beat. The four individual boxes, on their own, stands for different fractions of each single hip hop beat. You should click on each of the individual boxes to highlight them. With this, you create a position for each of the hip hop beat samples in the sequence.

Experiment with the Sample Patterns

When you must have learnt the samples, their boxes, and how to highlight or delete them, you should go ahead and try a sample pattern in your fl studio. It is now time for you to create your own hip hop beat. However, the standard thing is that the normal beats for hip hop and rock is almost always on a 4/4 setting. So, you have to highlight the following boxes to create one Highlight 1, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, and 15 on the hat channel. On the snare channel, you should go for 5 and 13, while on the kick channel; you should pick 1, 11 and 13.

Check Out the Created Hip Hop Beat

Having made the following selections on the fl studio in the bid to create a powerful hip hop beat, check out what your hip hop beat sounds like. Do this by selecting the pattern mode and clicking play. You will hear the created hip hop beat for play on repeat for some time. If you’ve gotten what you like, get on to the next step. If not, get back and repeat what you just finished doing. Do it until you get what you want out of the fl studio.

When You Have What You Want

When you are satisfied with the hip hop beat you have, it is time for you to arrange the samples. This should be done by selecting the paintbrush tool in your playlist and painting the pattern for your sample in the space provided besides the “Trck 1” icon. Here, you should paint the number of bars of the hip hop beat you intend hearing.

FL Studio Keyboard Interface

Play Your Hip Hop Beat and Save It

Having achieved what you want in the fl studio, the next action should be to switch the play mode for the song from the pattern and click play. You also can find samples here. When you do, your hip hop beat will be played as much as you painted with the brush. Through the tempo number, you can increase the speed of the beat. After this, it would be time to save the hip hop beat through the save icon in the file menu.

Exporting the Hip Hop Beat

After creating your powerful hip hop beat on the fl studio in your computer set, it needs to be exported to where you can play it or offer others to play. Select export and create an mp3 file in the menu for your hip hop beat. Save the hip hop beat mp3 on the system and it can be exported to CDs or iPods for people to play. With this, you have created a powerful hip hop beat in your fl studio.

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