Eleven Useful Tips to Help You Write Amazing Songs

Eleven Useful Tips to Help You Write Amazing Songs

eleven songwriting tips for amazing songs
When it comes to writing songs there are certain tasks that will help improve the working process.  This working process will help build a better work ethic.  Songwriting is a process and certain processes will guide the songwriting.  Here are song things to consider when writing your next amazing songs.

1. Have a specific concept or idea in mind

Always have a specific purpose in mind before you begin writing a song. You need to be clear and focus on what your song’s purpose is.  Is the song about an issue you have great passion?  Is it about a relationship?  Is it about a specific event? Know this before you begin.

2. Know your audience

Before creating a song, understand who your audience is. What are their experience, their interest, and their wants in the chosen genre?  Each age group and cultures have common experiences.  Know what is important to that segment of the population will make your song appropriate for your audience

3. Develop a detailed story outline first

Now that you have a purpose and know your audience, you can state to outline the song story.  Then flesh out the details regarding who the song is about.  Create the scene where the song takes place.  Identify the problem and then how it is resolved.  Start to build the song structure.

4. Stop your listener in his tracks with your title

Your title should grab the listener’s attention and ‘force’ her to listen to the song   Powerful title help set the stage.  It will give you something to write around.

5. Start your song with a catchy hook.

A song needs to grab the listener’s attention a quickly a possible.  Starting a song with a hook will force the listener to pay attention.  The hook can be different things.  It could be a musical riff, a unique beat or sound.

6. Keep clichés to a minimum

If possible, avoid clichés as well as prejudices and insinuations. These phases tend to be overused and trite.

7. Make your song personal

Speak direct to the listener. In a study if was found that a vast majority of hit songs used the word:  ‘you’.   As the listener is listening to the song they should feel some sort of connection to the song.  They need to know that you have the same problems and goals than him.

8. Keep lyric lines short and simple.

Using short and simple lyric lines will make the song easy to sing.  They are also easier to create melodies. A song is not an essay.  There is art and beauty when word economy is used.

9. Have someone from the audience critique your song.

Who can give you a better feedback than someone from your target population? Have someone you respect to give you honest feedback on the song.  Their perspective can help fix any problem in the song.

10. Spend more time rewriting than writing.

This is one of the most important steps in songwriting.  If you want to be the best you must be willing to rewrite your songs.  Rarely can someone write a great song on the first try.  The process will help refine and polish the song.  For some the song is their baby flaws and all.  Remember you song needs to communicate and rewrite will only make it better.

11. Keep on writing song

The more you write songs, the better you will get. As time progresses, when you are in the habit of songwriting it will become much easier!

All of these songwriting tips can be implement right now. I hope they will inspire you to write your next amazing song. I would love to hear what you think, so please leave a comment, and even suggest your own tips and tricks.

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2 Comments on “Eleven Useful Tips to Help You Write Amazing Songs

  1. Great tips! I think the most important is to have that end goal in mind. If you know exactly what message and mood you want to convey with your song right from the start, it makes writing it so much easier.

  2. Clearly written by someone with experience. Fantastic points made. It’s a lot to do with reaching your listeners. Finding the balance between structure and emotion. I guess tht’s why they call it ART!
    Get out there and tell a great story while setting the mood with the music.

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