Guitar Fingerstyle: The 6 Essential Fingerpicking Techniques for Beginners

Guitar Fingerstyle: The 6 Essential Fingerpicking Techniques for Beginners

Guitar Fingerpicking FingerstyleLearning how to play guitar on your own is by no means a walk in the park. For you to play well, you are going to have to master a lot of things. Taking guitar lessons is an excellent way to speed up your progress.

As a newbie, you are going to have a hard time fingerpicking because you haven’t had much training.  Many guitarists today are not able to play very well because they don’t know how to fingerpick properly and they end up making a lot of errors.

In this article, we are going to be looking at six tips that will help you master fingerpicking. It is important for you to have it at the back of your mind that the tips that are going to be listed in this article are by no means easy. But if you are consistent and put in the work, you are going to get better at fingerpicking.

  1. The length of your nails

Your guitar teacher is going to find it difficult to teach you if you can’t keep your nails at a constant length. The length of your finger can determine how smooth your guitar playing is going to be. If you want to learn how to finger pick correctly, then you must master how to differentiate between tone and timbre.

Since your hands are not steady and you are likely going to be fretting. As a greenhorn, it is important that you keep your fingernails short all year round. Doing this will make it easier for you to play chords and notes cleanly.

  1. Bass note

In guitar fingerstyle , you are often going to play without the using a band. For you to do this, you have to master how to play bass notes. Learning a lot about bass-note is going to make it easier for you to freestyle and ultimately make you a better guitar player. Getting used to the bass note is by no easy, but if you keep practicing, you are going to get better, and in the long run, your music will sound more professional and powerful.

  1. Melody notes

There are two major schools of guitar fingerstyle. The first one is the traditional singer school, where a singer plays guitar.

Learning about the popular root notes first is going to make you become a better guitarist.

One thing you need to have in mind is that this skill is difficult. So, if you don’t get it after practicing for a while, you don’t have to beat yourself up or become discouraged. If you work very hard consistently, you are eventually going to master it.

  1. Rubato

Rubato is an expression for slowing down and speeding up. In hip-hop music, it is seen as a cardinal sin. Most rock or pop song usually speeds up at some point and gradually slows down. A greenhorn guitarist will likely not know the much about rubato and the impact it can have.

A touch of rubato is going to give your music a layer of emotion. The key to making your music better is using rubato is to make it purposeful and relevant.  It is also important that you learn how to play at a steady tempo. This will help you play better.

Using rubato all the time is certainly not a good idea. On the other hand, if you learn how to use rubato effectively, your audiences are going to be delighted.

  1. Muscle memory

Your guitar instructor is likely going to tell you a lot about, muscle memory. Learning how to improve your muscle memory is not easy, but it is going to yield good results.

To build your muscle memory, you have to practice over and over again and play it in a very slow manner. Your focus when doing this should be on playing different chords effectively. Of course, this might be a challenge for you at first, but you are going to become better in the future.

  1. Sing what you want to play

If you can sing something, it will be easier for you to play it. If you don’t know much about the song you are playing, you are going to struggle.

Final note Guitar Fingerpicking

These are by no means the only tips that can help you master fingerpicking. But if you apply some of the tips in this article, you are going to get better.

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