Home Studio Essentials for Songwriters on a Tight Budget

Home Studio Essentials for Songwriters on a Tight Budget
Home Studio Essentials

Music is perhaps the most beautiful thing that has ever been invented by humanity. It helps us cope with any experiences. When we are sad, it comes to the rescue, and in the days when happiness overwhelms us, music contributes to the extension of this amazing feeling. In this post you will learn about home studio essentials that will allow sharing songs with the world.

But, creating a musical masterpiece requires a lot of strength and supporting materials. The costs that are needed to ensure high-quality recordings can prevent talented musicians from creating their products. But your music is simply obliged to please your fans, the present, and future ones.

Essential Assistants for Your Musical Talent

Before we go directly to the necessary things for creating music, it is important to note the importance of the place where musical magic will be produced. Since creativity is a very fragile thing, the right conditions are necessary for it. A person who will write text or chords needs to feel cozy and comfortable in own studio. And it doesn’t matter that the studio is placed in a garage or a guest room.

Therefore, before equipping the premises with special installations, it is necessary to carry out preparatory work. You can add atmospheric lights for comfort, which will replace the main light and create a truly magical and creative atmosphere. In general, there are many options for arranging a home place for recording, the main thing is to follow your preferences.

Clean and Quiet Place

We decided with comfort, but the sound remains the most important. Therefore, first of all, you need to take care of sound insulation. To do this, it is advisable to choose a room that will transmit less extraneous sound from the street.

The one more thing that you need to consider is how much the walls in the room reflect the sound. This can greatly affect the sound quality of the recording, even with the highest quality technology. Ideally, it is better to use the special panels that will absorb sound vibrations, thereby making the recording cleaner. They will not be expensive, but the quality of the music will be excellent.

Space Organization

After decorating the room, you have to think about the very place where the tools will be located. The correct arrangement of it will help you to work comfortably, without getting confused in the wires.

Since there is little space at home, the organization of space should be special. The most important thing is to separate the place where you will process the recording from the place with the tools. It is also necessary to keep the work area clean.

Cleanliness is the foundation of a good mood. Few people will be pleased to create something in a room where there is no way to sit down without stumbling over candy wrappers or dirty clothes.

The Irreplaceable PC

Most likely you already have your own PC, because this is a no more luxury but a necessity. The primary requirement for your first priority tool is power. Because programs for recording require space for loading and processing, as well as good RAM to ensure that there is no interference during recording. This is one of the most vital item in you home studio essentials.

At the time when you are just starting to work on the recording, you should not particularly focus on buying a new PC. Try your own at work, make a few notes. After some time, when you have free money and you want to buy a new one, pay attention to the special PC characteristics for good music recording.

Headphones to Hear Only the Necessary Things

This tool is necessary so that when mixing a recording you have the opportunity to hear the slightest interference. Also, one of the main tasks of headphones is sound insulation during recording. Headphones may vary depending on the instrument you are recording on. For example, it is more important for the drummer to choose headphones with the highest possible sound insulation. And for the soloist and for the person who will edit the track average ones are suitable. A more detailed guide on choosing the right headphones is here.

The Microphone as Your Guarantor of the Purity of Voice and Sound in General

The choice of a microphone depends on what it will be used for. For voice recording, it is recommended to use a microphone that supports a wide range of apertures. With it, you can safely record a different timbre and get a clear sound.

To record instruments, you will need completely different microphones since one microphone is not able to equally transmit the sound of instruments at different frequencies.

Sound Filter

Previously, instead of such a filter, young garage performers used their terry socks. Today, professional filters are an affordable tool. Their purpose is to soften harsh sounds that can disrupt the sound of the track. The presence of such a filter is optional. But if musicians intend to engage in sound recording seriously, then this tool will help make music better.

XLR or TRS Extension Cables

Even in a small room, you cannot do without special extension cables. Tool manufacturers make cables of standard lengths that rarely exceed 1 meter. And therefore, for installations such as a guitar, a microphone, etc., extension cords are required. This will ensure recording comfort. Choosing the right cable is not so difficult, the main thing is to take into account the required length, cable power and do not forget about the correct connector.

DAW and Audio Interface for Awesome Recording

For beginners, it is recommended to buy these two devices as a combination tool. In general, high-quality sound recording without the presence of these two components will be impossible. They connect the microphone to the PC and allow you to record through one of the programs installed for these purposes.

Buying a DAW and Audio Interface separately is not beneficial for those who are just getting started. The quality of the recording from the combination does not change significantly, but money can be saved on this. A good company that produces such combos is Presonus. When choosing among their products, it is important to pay attention to compatibility with the operating system of your PC.

Summing Up Home Studio Essentials

In order to create your own studio, you need to take care of a number of necessary equipment. The cost of tools can be different, but in any case, a financial investment will be required, especially if the studio is created from scratch. So, be sure to please us with your music! 

If you have any comments regarding home studio essentials please share them in the comment section below. We love to hear of your experiences with recording.

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