Build Songs with Songwriting Tools

Build Songs with Songwriting Tools

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The Learn How to Write Songs website has many songwriting tools to help stimulate creative ideas.  Here is a collection of those tool in one single post.  Keep in mind these tools were not created to automatically write a song for you, they were created to help songwriters acquire ideas to help write a song.  Sometimes all that is needed is a simple idea to get started. Here are app you can use to build songs…

Create a Song Prompt

Prompts are a great way to seed an idea.  Use the prompt idea as a starting point to create a song story.  Here is a song prompt you can start with…

Give your song a title

A Song Title is one of the most important elements of a song. A great song title will provide a catalyst in the creative process.  Titles can be found anywhere, this is just a convenient tool to get the ball rolling.

Create a Chord Progression

Many songs are started using a chord progression.  Use this tool to find a random chord progression to start your song.  The chord progression can be used as an outline to the song melody.

The next two tools can be used in conjunction to help start writing a song melody.  A good melody will have both contour shape and interesting rhythm.  As you play around with these tools you can pick and choose note combination that sound interesting.

Create a Melody Shape

Create a Melody Rhythm

Build a Beat

Use this online drum sequencer to create drum beats while songwriting. Create a beat then play a chord progression over the beat.  You can also use this in conjunction with the Melody Rhythm tool to create different and unique beats.

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Set a Rhyme Pattern

If you find that you tend to use the same Rhyme Scheme in your lyrics this tool will help you get out of the rut.  Many hit songs will change rhyme scheme in each section of a song.  Use this tool to provide alternate rhyme patterns.

Song Form Generator


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