How To Make A Brand of Yourself

How To Make A Brand of Yourself

Musician BackLite Silloette Make a BrandAs songwriter’s it is important to make a brand for yourself.  As an artist who want to be know and recognizable.  In this article Boone Shanks share how Jackson Pollack was able to create a brand for himself.  Although he is a painter the concepts will work equally well with songwriters.

We live in the times of the market, and culture also functions according to its laws. Only individual projects and their authors become its products. The popular French philosopher Derrida is the same brand as Madonna, Mercedes or McDonald’s. There is no mass and elitist culture, but there is only a marked space consisting of separate brands. For examples, you do not need to go far artists who are being sold.
Three tricks that Jackson Pollock used to sell himself at a higher price

Jackson Pollock is one of the most expensive contemporary artists. His painting “No. 5” was sold for $ 140 million, he is one of the first “stars” in art. It was he who was called the greatest living artist, and it was thanks to him that American art felt its “self-worth” and “authenticity”. How did he manage to do this?

Trick # 1. Create an individual mythology

Elements of Pollock’s myth: Indians, surrealism, psychoanalysis, alcohol. According to Pollock several times was in the Indian reservation. As a shaman, he created in a state of trance, being as it were inside the picture. Now imagine yourself going to the reservation and feeling that trance. It will definitely change your music and it will add some authenticity for your listeners. They will be extremely interested how do the real shamans sound.

In the late 1930s and 40s, Pollock underwent a course in psychoanalysis. The psychoanalyst invited him to do automatic drawing. So there was the idea of automatic writing as a way of creating a painting. What the artist created was supposed to be just as unexpected for him as for the viewer. So Pollock applied surrealistic principles to visual art. Improvisation and automatic playing is a good way to create unforgettable performance and to interest new listeners.

Trick # 2. Come up with a new technique

Pollock abandoned the easel and painted, spreading the canvas on the floor. The paint just splashed on the canvas. So all you need is to create a unique style that will be interesting, maybe not usual, but absolutely non-standard. You can create unusual tunes with never seen instruments and write the texts which sound completely new. That`s great if you can do it by yourself, if no, then visit Custom Writing Services where you will get any text you`d like to have.

Trick # 3. Create a memorable image

Pollock became famous during his lifetime. The journalists gave him the nickname “Jack the Dripper” (as “Jack the Ripper” (Jack the Ripper). His image was associated with destruction and aggression. Most of the time Pollock lived alone on his farm, but once a week he came to a psychoanalyst in New York, after which he got drunk in trash and arranged rowdy. You need to create your own image of a person that will be interesting to follow. Try to explore what people are famous today and why. Think about the character what is missing and fill the gap.

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