When Songwriting Lyrics Unique Voice is Important

When Songwriting Lyrics Unique Voice is Important

Unique Being Different -Stand out in the crowdSongwriters write songs because they have something to say. A songwriter is also an artist. When a collection of songs are written, that collection becomes what is known as the artist voice.  When writing songs it is important to have your own unique voice.

Be Original

One important aspect of developing your own unique voice is to be original. There are many ways an artist can be original. To start out you can take an existing concept and think of it in a new way. Take a fresh perspective on this concept and develop it into something different. To do this you need to be inventive. Using things in novel ways will also help you be more original. This transition will build your creative chops.

Plagiarism is a Sin

The act of plagiarism is to take something that is already done.  To copy a song exactly and claim it as your own is wrong. It is stealing. However it is not wrong to take someone’s ideas and learn from it. Using other artist ideas as a springboard for you new ideas is fine. Variations on a theme can lead to new thoughts and song ideas. That will lead to lyrics that are true to your voice as an artist.

Be Authentic

Be true to who you are as an artist. People can tell when you act like someone you are not.  There’s a word for that. That word is hypocrite. To be authentic you must understand what is truly important to you.  Understanding with is important will define your values. Your individual values are what make you authentic.  This means writing lyrics that you know and experience. If never owned a pet, it would not be genuine.  That is because you don’t have the emotional or physical experience with owning a pet. Being authentic is being real to who you are.

Tell Your Story

As a songwriter you have a story to tell.  Song lyric gives you the chance to share your story.  If you believe that you don’t have a story.  r you feel that no one is interested in your story. You are wrong. There is someone out there that will benefit from your unique story.  A good story will always involve some sort of conflict, usually with another person.  The story involves how the problem is resolved.  Know who you are as a person will help you in creating the lyrics that will express in song your story.

Having a songwriting lyrics unique voice is vital for the success of any songwriter. Understanding these various way of doing that will help you along the journey. As you build your catalog of songs you will see how special and unique you are.  Your fans will appreciate your integrity and honesty.

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