7 Best Tactics for Capturing Your Inspired Lyrics

7 Best Tactics for Capturing Your Inspired Lyrics

7 Ways to Never Forget Your Next Song: Best Tactics for Capturing Your Inspired Lyrics

7 Ways to Never Forget Your Next Song

Writer’s block is most likely the worst enemy of all songwriters. However, there is something worse. When you see inspiration flowing and ideas being born, you want to capture and record them all. Today I want to share 7 ways to never forget your next song.  Here are some of the best tactics for capturing your inspired lyrics

In this process, you will most likely forget most and let your inspiration go to waste. The moment you have a burst of creativity, you should reign it and leverage it.

Thankfully, there is a myriad of tools and methods at your disposal. In this piece, we’ve decided to tackle the problem of forgotten lyrics. With these seven simple tips, you will always have access to your future hits. Let’s see how can you utilize your burst of inspiration.

1. Morning brainstorming

Dreams are a great source of inspirations for any artists. As we awake from our dreams, we still may be groggy, but ideas are abundant during this time. However, we all know how quickly they fade away in the morning.

A good way to never forget your next song is to keep a pen and a notebook by your bedside. This is perhaps the best method of capturing your inspired lyrics, as you don’t have to stare into a smartphone screen or a computer. Your eyes won’t be irritated, and you’ll write down the lyrics.

“Writing down seems a bit old-fashioned to most, but crafting letters with your own hands has a profound effect on memory,” says Rebecca Milton, the senior editor at EssayOnTime. “Phones can run out of battery, but a notebook is your safest way to capture inspired lyrics.”

2. Text yourself

A popular way of sending ideas to yourself is via Messenger. You have to open up a conversation with yourself and get the content flowing. But what happens when you don’t have internet?

Good old texting comes in for the rescue. Just open up the Messages app and send any verse, stanza or even an instrumental idea using it.

If you’re having a busy day, you shouldn’t let your inspiration take a hit. Diligently text yourself and take a look at what you’ve thought of at the end of the day. A lot of artists don’t even open these texts until they get to the studio. It’s one of the best ways to memorize lyrics!

3. Create an “ideas” journal

Every artist faces the challenge of channeling his or her ideas. Bursts of inspiration are a great, but inefficient source of inspiration. So many ideas and excellent thoughts go to waste, and you can never write them all down.

To combat this, you can start by creating an ideas journal. Think about your songwriting a little bit and analyze the topics you want to cover.

Separate your journal into topics, and you’ll have good inspiration just by looking at this organized layout. As you write more and more, every topic section will be filled, and you will be able to continue where you left off.

4. A whiteboard in your studio/home

While this idea seems a bit unconventional, it can help you remember your inspired lyrics. The greatest benefit of a whiteboard is its visibility. Whenever you think of a great idea, you can write the lyrics or the basis on the whiteboard.

Due to the size, you will find it easy to see them from across the room. As you continue to write, all you have to do is cast a glance at the board, and you’ll be all set.

Depending on your handwriting or preference, you can pick a larger or smaller board. The advantage whiteboards have over notebooks is that you can erase them anytime.

5. Use the sound recorder app

Writing is excellent for capturing those elusive lyrics. But what about when you’re driving? Or eating? Surely, you’re unable to write at those precise moments. Thankfully, every phone has a sound recorder app nowadays.

If you’re driving somewhere, you can recite or sing the lyrics, and the recording will be safely stored. Also, you can hum a new melody and record it as well. To make it clearer for later, you can also record your thoughts about the lyrics and other plans concerning them.

Recording your thoughts and lyrics is a great option for songwriters who like to multi-task. Regardless of which instrument you play, you can also record rough demos of your tracks during practice or in the studio. To ensure a full battery for this, buy a Power Bank.

6. Scan your writings and upload them to a cloud service

If you’ve started writing down your song lyrics the moment they arrive, you’ve made an important step. Texting yourself is also a viable way of memorizing lyrics. However, neither of these ways provides insurance in case something happens.

Notebooks can burn, and phones can get lost and break. Therefore, a good way to ensure you have a vault of ideas is to upload your writings to a cloud service.

Using a scanning app, you can upload your files in .jpeg or .pdf form to your cloud service of preference. A good idea would be to do it weekly so that you can revise your ideas and catalog them. Additionally, this frees up a lot of space in your studio.

7. Scrap paper

An underrated, but always useful method, writing on scrap papers has resulted in many great songs and works of art. No matter how careful you are, your phone can always die, and you can always forget your notebook. To prevent this from happening, make sure you have a scrap piece of paper in just about every pocket of your clothing.

By doing this, you ensure that you will never forget your lyrics. There is always a way to use your burst of inspiration, and scrap paper just might save you.

Concluding thoughts

Capturing inspired lyrics is all about being creative and not relying on memory. Having these seven ways at your disposal creates a network of lyrics memorization. Work on your ideas, think about them and never hesitate to write them down and analyze them the moment they are born.

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