Why Everyone In The Music Industry Needs To Network

Why Everyone In The Music Industry Needs To Network

Music Industry NetworkWhether you play in a band or are launching a solo career, getting to know people in the music industry is a key way of getting ahead.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been on the music scene for years or are just setting out, it’s definitely a case of not what you know, but who you know when looking for a label, bookings or music career advice.

Check out these reasons why networking in the music industry is the first stepping stone towards a successful career.

Get Seen

You might imagine that being selective about the music industry events you attend will make you exclusive but think again. They key to making a name for yourself is meeting people and dropping the exclusivity tag.

If you haven’t done much in the way of networking previously, go with a friend and ask them to help introduce you to people. Start at the smaller end of the events spectrum and work your way up to the bigger networking meetups.

The more you do it, the easier it will get and you might even start looking forward to a night of networking.

Be Prepared

Before going to any networking event, make sure you have in mind a few people you’d like to talk to about aspects of your project and an idea of what you want to say to them.

Don’t go in with the hard sell, your conversation should be natural but do be ready to hand over your details if asked, before you leave.

Diane Simmons, a Marketer at Writemyx, said:

“The idea of networking is that you’re building relationships not trying to sell a product. If you go in too hard, it will put people off working with you and damage your chance of building a relationship that can be sustained.”

Manners Make The Man (Or Woman)

If you do find yourself not getting anywhere with someone, back out of the conversation politely and never be rude. The music industry can be a small place and your name might get remembered for all the wrong reasons. They will appreciate your honesty and manners and may prove useful in future, there’s no need to burn your bridges.

In the same way be honest about who you are and what you need. Try not to ask for help or favours straight away. Play the long game and build up a relationship before diving in. Offer your help first and you might find the favour returned in the future, just when you need it.

Follow Up

If the event has been a success and you feel like you’ve made some connections that may lead somewhere, don’t forget to follow-up if you say you will.

According to Barry Holter, a Networking Manager at Origin writings and 1 Day 2 write:

“In many ways networking is a bit like dating, always call the next day if you say will. Don’t risk your reputation or future career in music by forgetting. It will make you look bad and your contact may not feel inclined to chase you up or do you any favours in future.”

The music industry can be notoriously difficult to break into and many aspiring artists give up even before they get their career off the ground.

While networking may not feel like the most natural thing to do it’s well worth overcoming your awkwardness and taking those initial first steps towards musical stardom.

Follow these networking hacks and see how a little conversation could be the start of your dream career in music.

An email marketer and writer at AcademicBrits, Adelina Benson works hard to develop marketing strategies for clients. She spends her time editing and proofreading company emails and in her spare time she loves exploring connections with people in her professional life and sharing her knowledge through online seminars and in real life.

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