Best Songwriting Articles Learn How to Write Songs Blog 2017

Best Songwriting Articles Learn How to Write Songs Blog 2017

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Taking a look back at 2017 here are the best songwriting articles on the Learn How to Write Songs blog.

There are a variety of subjects that songwriters find useful.  You will find these are the most popular for this year.

These posts are filled with an abundance of tips, ideas, insights written to help you write better songs..

In case you missed these blog posts or neglected to bookmark them for future reference and inspiration, here are the Best  Learn How to Write Songs Blog Posts of 2017 and don’t forget to leave a comment to join the discussion:

#1 – Chord Progression for Songwriters

Guitar Chords for SongwritingChord progressions are a vital part of song writing. Let’s learn how to construct a chord progression.

#2 – Understanding Royalty Free Samples and Loops

Loopmaster Royalty Free Music Samples and LoopsIt is so simple to create your own music productions. This is because of the availability of computers and music software. Songwriter, music producers are creating their own songs and one tool they like to use is samples and loops. Finding samples and loop are extremely easy to find with stores like Loopmasters. Making sure that the samples are legal to use in your production can be a minefield. If done the wrong way could get very expensive. To help make it easier to acquire music samples with less risk many content providers offer Royal Free Music.

#3 – Making Song Lyrics Rhyme

Fifteen Rhyme Scheme PatternsFor those of you who like to write songs where the lyrics rhyme, here’s a term you should be familiar with.  ‘Rhyme scheme‘ refers to where the rhyming words occur in a verse or a chorus.

#4 – Songwriting Programs

To help songwriters learn how to write songs this collection of learning resources was created.  Each of resources collectively deal specifically with songwriting and will provide valuable information.  Add these to your personal library.

#5 – How to Add Emotional Impact to Your Songs

How To Add Emotional Impacy GuitarEither you are writing sad songs about love, or some songs about happiness, you need make the right song structure. You can add emotional impact to your songs with the right lyrics, using deep and emotional lyrics at all times.

#6 – Rhyme Patterns and Types Used in Songwriting

One fundamental part of a song is the rhyme. This poetic device helps provide appeal to the song’s lyric. Lyrics are written according to certain patterns. These patterns are fairly predictable. That is because rhymes work in a manner that the listener expects to hear.

Do all lines in a song lyric need to rhyme? Not necessarily. With songwriting there is a unique balance between predictability and surprise. If there is too much predictability, then the song can sound trite, boring or uninspiring. On the other end of the spectrum, a song with too many surprises will lend itself to confusion and chaos.

#7 – Music Scales for Songwriters

Piano Major ScaleAt the heart of every song is the melody.  The melody is a mix of tones and rhythmic patterns.  In order to create a melody there needs to be a musical scale.  The scale for the songwriter is like the pallet for the painter.  The painter has on the pallet various paint colors that can be mixed to create new colors that are added to the canvas to render a picture.


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